Friday, May 27, 2022
Top Stories"Creepy" Amazon driver caught breathing on customer's window before writing in condensation

“Creepy” Amazon driver caught breathing on customer’s window before writing in condensation

BIZARRE video has emerged showing a “creepy” Amazon delivery driver breathing onto a customer’s window before writing a message in the condensation.

Jonathan Doblips from Ilkeston, Derbyshire was left troubled after reviewing his home CCTV and spotting the strange behaviour.

The video showed the courier peering into his home on Sunday  before breathing all over the window and leaving the mysterious message.

Amazon have confirmed they are “taking this matter seriously” and have “reached out” to the Jonathan.

The short clip shows the driver approaching the door with a parcel tucked under his arm.

He rings the doorbell, and waits a few seconds before walking to the window to peek inside.

Wearing his face mask below his nose, the courier then appears to breath all over the pane of glass.

Amazon delivery driver caught breathign and writing on window
Amazon are “taking the matter seriously” after a delivery driver was caught breathing on a window and writing on the condensation (C) Jonathan Doblips

He can then be seen dotting the window several times and appears to write or draw something.

He then walks over to in front of the blue bin to leave the parcel and takes a note of it and leaves the house to make his next delivery.

A furious Jonathan took to Amazon’s Facebook page to demand an explanation.

He posted the clip and said: “Excuse me but what is this delivery driver doing on my window?”

Amazon delivery Driver
The driver was caught on CCTV in Ilkston, Derbyshire on Sunday (C) Jonathan Doblips

Speaking today, he added: “Amazon appears to be investigating it. We just thought it was really creepy.

“I couldn’t make out what he’d written.

“As mentioned in the original post he went to the window seconds after pressing the doorbell.

“Clearly oblivious to the camera warning signs.

Amazon delivery driver
The driver was caught putting his index finger on the window and then making shapes before walking away (C) Jonathan Doblips

“I had to play the video a few times as I felt angry that a stranger was looking into my lounge.

“It was highly inappropriate.”

An Amazon spokesperson said: “We are taking this matter seriously and have reached out to the customer to make this right.

“We have very high standards for our delivery service providers and how they serve customers. ”


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