Artist creates large scale tapestry inspired by shared lockdown experiences

EDINBURGH’s iconic Dome is set to receive a nine metre wide textile ‘wall’ as
part of a new exhibition at the venue.
London-based artist Christian Newby has created the large-scale piece for the
Collectives 2021 artistic programme.
The exhibition which opens on Saturday the 16th, will feature Newby’s work, a large tapestry which is designed to “divide and re-shape the space”.
Christian Newbry's art - Art News Scotland
The piece, which features a large net motif, is said to allude to the shared
experience of enclosure during the Coronavirus lockdown.
The work, titled “Boredom>Mischief>Fantasy>Radicalism>Fantasy” has
been manufactured using an industrial hand-held carpet-tufting gun.

A spokesperson said: “This new work for his largest exhibition to date combines artist’s mark-making with industrial carpet tufting to explore how questions of labour, authorship and materiality define the fine and applied arts.”