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Poll shows nearly half of parents won’t vaccinate their child

CONCERNING figures from a recent poll conducted on Facebook by a childcare company have shown a large number of people do not plan to get vaccinated, or vaccinate their children.

The poll conducted by Childcare.co.uk found that a large number of parents who took part in the poll were sceptical about the new vaccinations for Covid-19.

Vaccinations are now underway in the UK with the first injections of the vaccine being administered to people on Tuesday.

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The research consisted of 6,000 parents responses, with 43% of parents saying they do not plan to get the vaccine while 14% remained undecided.

Only 34% of the 6,000 said they would vaccinate their child with 46% saying they would not, 20% remained unsure.

Richard Conway, founder of Childcare.co.uk says: “Today is a truly exciting day for the country, with the vaccine rollout bringing hope that we can all get back to normal again.

“We were surprised to see that there is so much scepticism about whether the vaccination is too new to be trusted, and also whether children even need to be vaccinated.

The poll asked people to tick statements they agreed with about the vaccine, 57% said “The vaccine is too new and we don’t yet know that it is safe” – the most commonly ticked statement.

32% ticked: “I think it is my duty to get myself and my children vaccinated as soon as possible.”

1 in 5 believed “Children do not need a vaccination as they are virtually immune to the virus.”

1 in 5 parents also say they would pay for the vaccine privately. The sum of money most people would be willing to pay for a private vaccination would be £20, although 1 in 5 said they would pay £100.

Mr Conway added: “”At Childcare.co.uk we believe we all need to work together to beat the virus and would encourage people to take it up.”

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