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In Brief"Tai-Kwan-Doe?" - Hilarious moment "greedy" deer boots beautician for not handing over...

“Tai-Kwan-Doe?” – Hilarious moment “greedy” deer boots beautician for not handing over sandwich

HILARIOUS video shows the moment a “greedy” deer kicks a beautician in the back to try and get hold of her sandwich.

Dahlia-Lily Charlton, 19, was terrified when the hungry deer struck her in the leg outside the Kingshouse Hotel in Glencoe on Friday.

The lash and brow technician from Helensburgh, Argyll and Bute stopped off at the popular Scottish hotspot to visit the deer on their way up to their family’s chalet in Aviemore.

Dahlia-Lily and her boyfriend Callum Black, 19, had been feeding the deer carrots, but once they had run out, the deer got aggressive.

In the clip, Dahlia-Lily can be seen trying to calmly walk away from the animal who keeps stalking her.

Callum is then heard saying: “You’re quite scared” as Dahlia-Lily is shown clutching onto her sandwich box while the deer refuses to take its eyes off it.

She then tries to walk away, but the fed-up deer continues to follow slowly.

Suddenly, the deer launches a vicious kick to her back.

Dahlia-Lily lets out a scream and looks terrified as she holds her arm out thinking the raging deer is going to attack further.

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Dahlia-Lily had been feeding carrots to the deer before one started following her wanting more.

She then begins nervously laughing while trying to hide behind her boyfriend, exclaiming in disbelief: “He just kicked me”.

Still looking to scrounge some food, the determined deer continues to stay close before finally backing off onto the grass.

Speaking today, she said: “I had been begging my boyfriend to take me as everyone had been going taking amazing pictures.

“We were on our way to Aviemore, we are allowed to travel as we are from Helensburgh and it is the same tier.

“We had given them all the carrots we had then I was holding a empty sandwich box to go put in a bin and the deer thought we still had food so he was following us.

“I think he thought there was still food, so he kicked me.

Viral News Scotland - Deadline News
Fortunately Dahlia-Lily wasn’t hurt after the deer kicked her.

“It didn’t hurt, I think the deer just kicked my jacket. It was more just the shock that he just did it.

“We couldn’t stop laughing after.”

She added: “This year has been pretty rubbish, it was just a nice way to lift the mood even though I got kicked.

“It wasn’t sore and if I thought someone was keeping food from me I would probably kick them too.

“It wouldn’t put me off going back to this hotel to see them again, just note for next time to keep empty food packets in car.”

The video was posted onto Facebook the following day (SAT) where it has since attracted thousands of comments from viewers.

Alan Bews said: “Tai-Kwan-Doe??”

Mark Kelly wrote: “This is Scotland we’ll just set aboot ye!”

Brian Balf Tolmie commented: “Haha bloody hell.”

Pragya Singh wrote: “When the meal deal is so good”

And Stewdio Bee added: “Covid affects us all. Even Rudolph is getting p***y.”

The Kingshouse Hotel has become a popular tourist destination over recent years, due to the amount of deer that are frequently spotted in the area.

The hotel describes the deer as “a hungry bunch” and reminds visitors on their website that the animals are wild and not tame pets.

They recommend that photographs are taken from a distance and if feeding them, to avoid processed foods.

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