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Farmer left with horrific burns following freak reaction to iodine shares photos to warn others

*WARNING graphic images

Iodine burns to hand - Health News Scotland
Melvin has previously used the chemical with no issues.

A FARMER has shared graphic photos showing “burns” to his hands following an allergic reaction to iodine, in a warning to others about the substance.

Melvin Hall, from Walls, Shetland Islands, was left with horrific injuries from the chemical, despite the fact he was wearing gloves at the time he came into contact with it.

The crofter frequently uses iodine as a sterilant on his farm and has never previously reacted to the substance.

However, he was left needing hospital treatment after a freak response and is now warning other people to take care.

Farmer shares iodine burns - Health News Scotland
Melvin’s hand was left painfully swollen and cracked. (Image: Briony Edwards)

The images show the 41-year-old’s blackened hand following the exposure.

The skin has hardened and begun to crack, leaving him with painful lesions.

Melvin then had to have his skin chemically softened after his fist swelled up.

Another snap shows the agonising result, as his skin has been stripped away exposing the raw under layers.

Although the incident took place back in October, Melvin’s fiancée, Briony Edwards, shared the photos on social media on Monday after seeing someone else post about using iodine to clean their hands.

Farmer's iodine burns - Health News Scotland
Melvin had to have his skin softened and removed to help the healing process. (Image: Briony Edwards)

The couple hope to highlight the “unknown” dangers of the chemical, which is often used for sterilising wounds.

Writing on Facebook, Briony, 30, said: “He and I have both used iodine for a very long time, both watered down and concentrated. Both directly on skin and through gloves.

“For the first time in his life, and while wearing typical farming gloves, he received a chemical burn from the iodine. The iodine strength was 10%.

“He had to have his skin softened and removed, and had to go to a specialist burns hospital at the time.

“They thought he might lose his nails and have severe scarring.

Farmer's iodine burns recovery - Health News Scotland
Today Melvin’s hand is healing well with only light scarring left. (Image: Briony Edwards)

“Thankfully his hand now looks completely normal. It’s now in his notes he has an allergy to it.

“This is rare, but can happen.

“I’ve personally always been careful with it but I’m extra cautious now that, being an irritant chemical, it’s entirely possible that my body will fight it tomorrow, swell, and crack.”

Social media users have expressed their shock over the images, with many revealing they were unaware of the dangers.

Terri Brooks wrote: “Terrible! Thank you for the warning.”

Nikki Newcombe added: “Used to put iodine on mouth ulcers. Maybe not now.”

And Elizabeth Atwood said: “Oh my goodness. I hope it’s not as sore as it flipping looks. Speedy recovery.”

Speaking today, Briony explained: “There was a person who posted a picture of herself with iodine poured over her hands and splashed on her face.

Briony Edwards Melvin Hall - Health News Scotland
The couple wanted to share Melvin’s experience to warn others of the risks. (Image: Briony Edwards)

“Comments made no mention of the caution needed with this chemical, so I decided to share the experience.

“Since then, so many comments were thankful and lots of people were then sharing their own experiences of blisters and hospital trips caused by iodine.

“This helped validate that this wasn’t something done out of stupidity, but rather just something that occasionally happens to those that are exposed to using iodine all the time.

“Doctors thought he’d lose his nails, and plastic surgeons had consultations with the doctors at the specialist hospital in case he’d need skin grafts.

“Thankfully none of that was needed.

“Iodine is a chemical, it is known, but rarely mentioned that it can cause irritation.

“He just had an extreme reaction to it for the first time ever, for reasons we will likely never know.”

Iodine is an essential mineral commonly found in seafood which helps the thyroid produce hormones.

It is often used as a disinfectant prior to surgery, but can have corrosive properties.

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