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Business"Real life Santa" named Jeff Snowball spreads festive cheer after buying £130...

“Real life Santa” named Jeff Snowball spreads festive cheer after buying £130 of toys at B&M to donate to store’s charity box

A KIND-hearted do-gooder named Jeff Snowball has been hailed as a “legend” after buying a trolley full of kids toys at B&M and donating them to charity.

Mr Snowball walked into the B&M store in Wallsend, Tyne and Wear on Friday and spent £130 on toys before putting them into a Cash for Kids trolley near the store exit.

Staff at the store then raced outside to the car park to speak to the selfless gent about his kind gesture and to get a photograph of him.

Mr Snowball told staff: “No kid deserves to get nothing at Christmas.”

Mr Snowman, who works at Molson Coors Brewing Company but is currently on furlough, apparently carries out the kind gesture every single year.

B&M shared the photograph of Mr Snowball on social media this morning (THUR), writing: “It’s people like Jeff and the thousands of others that make Christmas happen for so many kids and leave us speechless every year.”

The post has attracted thousands of comments from impressed Facebook users who have branded him a true hero.

Mr Snowball has been hailed a hero for buying children's toys and then donating them
A KIND-hearted do-gooder named Jeff Snowball has been hailed as a “legend” after buying a trolley full of kids toys at B&M and donating them to charity. (C) B&M

B&M wrote: “Massive thank you to Jeff, with some very true words.

“We can’t stress just how thankful we are for every single person who donates to the #MissionChristmas appeal – it helps put smiles on so many little faces each year .”

Jean Terry wrote: “Jeff the real Santa. Bless you.”

Jeanette Hopper said: “Please let his real name be Jeff Snowball!”

Kaz Fass added: “He didn’t film himself or take photos like all these YouTube people do.

“What a genuine act of kindness this world so needs right now! Well done that man.”

Jess Dixon wrote: “The world needs more Jeff’s and love the fact he did it all without expecting gratitude just got on and did it. Well done.”

And Katrina Huckett said: “Mr Snowball, you’re a legend.”

On Sunday, a GoFundMe page was set up for Mr Snowball to reward him for his kind gesture and buy him a Newcastle United season ticket.

However, Mr Snowball has said he did not want to be gifted for his kindness and instead suggested that any donations go towards helping children have a magical Christmas.

The fundraising page , named Let’s raise more for Cash4Kids NE in Jeff’s name, currently sits at £359 out of its £1000 target.

Mr Snowball has been hailed a hero for buying children's toys and then donating them
B&M Walsall

It reads: “Let me tell you a story about a man I’ve never met, a man who has touched my heart, a man who is the very definition of a true Geordie and an absolute local hero.

“Jeff Snowball, bought £130 of toys and put them into the ‘Cash for Kids’ trolley which then delivers the gifts to children who otherwise would have gone without this Xmas.

“Jeff didn’t do it for fame, he didn’t video himself doing it, he didn’t post about it all over social media either.

“I’ve since got in touch with his daughter and Jeff does this every year!

“Jeff also adores NUFC (same here Jeff, I feel your pain).

“I want us to say thank you, I want us to be selfless, and I want to get Jeff a season ticket for Newcastle United.

“But, Jeff has got wind of this and doesn’t want anything, He absolutely is not interested in being gifted for his kindness.

“This man is the true salt of the earth, and as such I’d instead like us to further reward Cash for Kids in his name.”

The charity Cash for Kids supports children and young people affected by poverty, abuse, neglect, life-limiting illness and those who have additional needs.

It is based across 22 areas in the UK and is often run by radio stations, schools and community groups.

In 2019 they raised over £20.9 million across the UK – supporting more than a million children.

A spokesman for B&M today, said: “We can’t stress enough just how thankful we are for everyone who donates to the Mission Christmas appeal.

“It really does help make Christmas happen for so many children and leaves them with a smile on their face.”

Speaking today Mr Snowball, 57, said: “It’s just something I’ve always done.

“It’s a great cause and for me I was just going in there to help. It’s just me, if I can help with anything, I will. It’s just in my nature.

“I hate to think of anyone waking up on Christmas morning and not having anything.

“I went in and paid for the items and after I left this woman came running out. I thought at first my card had been declined or something!

“What’s happened has just been overwhelming. There’s been over 7,000 comments on a post on Instagram.

“I didn’t want anything from it but if it’s going to help raise awareness and money for the charity.”

Father-of-one Mr Snowball said he has been buying and donating toys at the same B&M store in Walsall for the past four years.

He added: “When I was a child I was brought up with an older brother and my twin brother.

“Unfortunately our father got killed by a drunk driver. He had been working the night shift and was crossing the road when a drunk driver hit him.

“We’ve always had to be careful how we lived. We were very much loved but we didn’t have too much.”

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