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Tips to Produce Engaging Explainer Videos

What does your business organization do? This is a question that can either haunt or thrill marketers and entrepreneurs. The experts give a quick explainer video that nails the right ones, and they sell amid a somewhat flurry of well-connected sentences. On the other hand, inexperienced marketers and managers wade through a sea of confusion and squander opportunities to get new clients or retain the existing ones.

There is a popular plan B when it comes to explaining what products or services your organization offers. This option involves the creation of highly engaging explainer videos. Video producers such as Spiel claim that explainer videos can have a huge impact on sales, and have made it easier for both marketers and their companies to connect with their target audience and pass an in-depth message about its culture, core values, and the services or products they provide. So, how do you create explainer videos?

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Create your explainer video strategy

The initial step in creating high-quality explainer videos involves deciding what style of videos will work best for your organization, given financial considerations, the ultimate goals for the project, and your brand. The secret is to understand your target audience and the specific visual style they may be most receptive to. To create excellent explainer videos, it’s essential to answer the following questions.

  • Does the process of explaining your services or products require live demonstrations or graphics are the way to go?
  • Along the same lines, how much can you say or need to demonstrate graphically?
  • What is your budget? Do you have a limited budget or have many resources to spend on many and better explainer videos?

Another strategic factor to consider is the specific product you’re offering and the best format to explain it. Decide if you want to create generic videos or highly focused explainer videos that focus on the key benefits of your products or services. You can also create explainer videos about your brand, particularly if you want to create brand awareness.

Create a good script

Now that you have nailed an outstanding strategy for your explainer videos, you need to create a video script while considering the scope of your project and budget. For instance, if you need a 3-minute video, you shouldn’t create a script for a 10-minute video. The first step in creating a good script is coming up with the story or information you intend to pass to your target audience.

After you write your short story, which you’ve created in a few short sentences, your “voice” you are going to use in your videos will be your succinct delivery of this. The voice that you use in your video, your color, your pace, and more will be vital in getting the target audience to understand what you’re telling and why you’re giving them this concise view of your story.

How to create a voice? Let’s say you are using an analogy for this tutorial about how people understand something, remember we’re trying to get them to understand something else, the difference between the good people and bad people, wanting and needing something, but the good people understand the “why” and what it means. The bad people, like the person who hates their job and all they have is a paycheck, do “what” they do, and because of that, they hate their job.

Now for your videos, all you need to keep in mind is even if you are not the best at creating videos, hiring a mastership video in the subject matter of what it is you’re teaching them will be fine. If you can, or know somebody who can, you probably have plenty of great ideas for videos. You can even hire an expert to do your videos, we’re trying to get you where they want to go, especially if making a lot of videos.

Work with the right video production company.

Once you complete your script, hire the right video production company to turn your script into a highly engaging explainer video within the confines of your financial plan. Though it is tempting to create your own videos, probably to save money and other resources, it’s also essential to pay attention to the quality of the explainer video you need. If you need a highly engaging piece that resonates with your brand, it is in your best interest to work with a reputable video production company.

The company should understand your primary objective desired video quality and features. Remember, your explainer videos should resonate with a target audience and make it easier for them to understand your message. You don’t want videos that will not help you achieve your primary objective of creating and sharing the explainer videos.

Deliver explainer video in an engaging post

Once your explainer video has been shot and produced by a recognized company, it’s time to deliver it to your target audience. One way of doing so is to share it on your business website’s landing page. Make sure the content is engaging and tells the target audience exactly what are they will find in the video. You can also use other video platforms such as YouTube or social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, I’m good more to deliver you are explainer videos successfully.


What to do once you’ve made your videos. Once your videos are created, you want to have a model to go along with your work, you’re looking to make them like the master that they are. This is actually your chance to shine, to show them your story, your passion, and your unique style. The different things that you do in your videos will help makes your videos unique to everyone who watches them.

Be sure to create videos that your target audience will be happy to share with their friends and family. To ensure that your video content gets more views and create engagements, share them on your company website, social media channels, and other online platforms where you can get relevant leads.

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