Wednesday, July 6, 2022
In BriefYodel investigate courier caught on CCTV writing off £29,000 car

Yodel investigate courier caught on CCTV writing off £29,000 car

YODEL is investigating after shocking footage emerged showing one of their drivers writing off a £29,000 car by reversing into it “at speed” and “failing to leave his details”.

The courier was filmed ploughing into the Nissan Qashqai on Wednesday just after delivering a package to customer Marlyn Truckle.

The car, which was less than a year old, belongs to Marlyn’s daughter who managed to capture the collision on CCTV outside her home in Tytherington, Gloucestershire.

Marlyn claims the driver then drove off without giving his number, leaving her daughter devastated.

The video shows the white van reversing down a street, directly into the path of the black Qashqai.

Suddenly it collides with the car’s front bumper, shunting the vehicle backwards.

The car is sent rolling down the street before the van slams on its brakes.

Yodel hit customer's care - Consumer News UK
Marlyn says the damage left debris strewn across the front drive. (Image Marlyn Truckle)

The courier then pulls forward away from the car and adjusts his course before reversing more slowly again, this time missing the Qashqai.

He passes the car before using a driveway to turn around and pulls away as the video ends.

After apparently getting no response from Yodel, Marlyn decided to share the clip on social media.

She posted the video on Twitter and Facebook, saying: “A Yodel delivery driver has reversed, at speed, into our daughter’s brand new car and written it off!

Car damaged by Yodel - Consumer News UK
Marlyn and her daughter were left devastated by the damage. (Image: Marlyn Truckle)

“Didn’t stop, we have him on CCTV. Yodel wont give us a registration number.”

The video has angered social media users.

One woman responded to the clip saying: “Nothing shocks me anymore with yodel. Sorry that happened to your daughter.

“Hope they catch him and he gets sacked and arrested.”

Another added: “Horrible! Good you have some footage of it.

And one person said: “That is dreadful.”

Speaking today, Marlyn, 67, said: “We were distraught, especially my daughter as it’s a new car, her pride and joy.

Damage to car by Yodel - Consumer News UK
The car was less than a year old. (Image: Marlyn Truckle)

“She is extremely angry, as am I.

“Especially as the driver lied to Yodel saying he knocked several doors?.

“He didn’t as the video shows.

“She can’t get a courtesy car without driver’s insurance, which apparently, due to the database, he hasn’t got.”

Yodel said it is looking into the matter as a “priority.”

Mike Hancox, CEO at Yodel, said: “We’re disappointed to hear about this incident and thank Mrs Truckle for bringing it to our attention.

“The driver’s behaviour clearly does not reflect the values that we stand for.

“We’re investigating this incident and liaising with relevant authorities to resolve the matter as a priority.”

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