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What Are Some of the Fastest-Growing Online Industries Right Now?

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Thanks to the internet, more businesses have started to shift their services online. So, let’s look at some of the fastest-growing online industries right now.

The internet has completely revolutionised the way people live their lives. Our society now is vastly different to the one from 25 years ago. Obviously, the internet has also changed the business landscape. If your company doesn’t have a website at the very least, you are considered outdated. As such, many businesses have shifted their operations onto the internet. This has given rise to a plethora of new industries – such as digital marketing and online gaming. And so, today we are going to be discussing some of the fastest-growing online industries in the world right now. Keep reading to find out what they are.


The E-Learning industry has grown exponentially in 2020. This has allowed educators to deliver lessons to their students without them needing to be physically present. For several years, E-Learning was an emerging industry – with only a handful of universities using this online technology to teach lectures. Now, however, the education sector has fully embraced the possibilities of E-Learning. This potentially means that schools and universities can cut down on costs for classrooms. It also removes the inconvenience of travel for educators; particularly lecturers who live far away from the university campus.

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iGaming, also known as online gambling, is one of the fastest-growing industries on the internet right now. With the government developing better regulations for online gambling, this sector has finally been allowed to flourish. As such, consumers can now play in online casinos safely. Sports betting on the internet has also become hugely popular, with several bookmakers offering players the chance to place EFL Cup bets or wager money on the outcomes of tournaments. Resultantly, we have seen iGaming operators popping up left, right and centre, as brands everywhere try to capitalise on this industry’s momentum.


The retail industry has also started to transition online. Amazon was the flagship of the ecommerce movement. However, its reign might soon come to an end, as more and more retailers are exploding onto the scene. What’s also great about the ecommerce industry is the fact that anyone can infiltrate it. Small businesses, for example, are using the platform Etsy to flog their goods. Meanwhile, offshore companies are now able to offer their services to consumers from all across the world. It doesn’t look like the ecommerce industry will be slowing down anytime soon, either.

Food Delivery

The internet has changed the way that consumers behave. People want things to be easier and quicker and highly convenient. This has led to the creation of the food delivery industry. Companies like Deliveroo will transport takeaway food to your front door now; whilst supermarkets each have their own online store which allows people to receive their weekly shopping without ever having to leave their house. This is massively beneficial for those with disabilities, such as the elderly.

These are some of the fastest-growing online industries. We anticipate that these sectors will continue to grow exponentially and become more innovative in the process.

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