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5 Common Misconceptions About Senior Health Insurance

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Seniors citizens often face various health issues that cause physical, mental, emotional, and most especially financial stress. The only way to combat these kinds of stress is to get the seniors a health insurance plan that would efficiently help and assist them when sickness strikes in the future.

Sadly, only a few take advantage of seniors’ health insurance plans due to the several misconceptions people have about the senior health insurance plan. Because of these misconceptions, the senior citizens are put at a disadvantage. Hence, it is helpful for you to know the five common myths about senior health insurance to realize how vital health insurance is for seniors.

Health Insurance is Unnecessary  for  Healthy Parents

For children, parents are leaders, heroes, and strong. Often, a healthy and fit parent’s image stays in the children’s mind because they see hard working parents earning for them. Children would like to believe that their parents will never get sick, which is one of the causes why in the retirement years of their parents, no health insurance plan would assist them in their financial needs when ailments or illnesses occur.

No matter how healthy your parents look, sickness would happen when they get old or reach their senior years.  Since there is a possibility that illness may last longer, a health insurance plan for seniors would help him cover the sickness expenses. Preparation is always the key in any possible medical treatment for your parents that will naturally get old.

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Higher Premium Cost

When it comes to senior citizens, many people think that a health insurance plan is costly because of the possible illnesses that come with the senior’s old age.  This misconception about costly insurance premiums discourages people from purchasing health insurance for senior citizens.

Most people are not aware that there are available health insurance plans for seniors that are affordable and, at the same time, offer sufficient or adequate medical coverage. You may visit to know more about senior health insurance and its affordable premiums.

Group Insurance Offers Enough Cover

Most families would choose group insurance, believing that this would sufficiently cover every family member when an emergency happens. The misconception entices families that when they buy group insurance, they would be able to save as to the premiums.

However, one of the significant disadvantages of group insurance is that while the sum insured is reduced, the consequence is there will only be limited coverage that will be left mostly for the elderly. When this happens, chances are you will instead spend from your pocket to cover the exceeding expenses.

Does not Cover Pre-Existing Conditions

There are so many benefits of asking questions, especially about important information as regards health. Unfortunately, some people just easily believe myths or misconceptions that senior health insurance plans do not cover pre-existing conditions. Since most seniors have pre-existing diseases,  they easily resign to the illusion that health insurance companies would outrightly deny their insurance applications.


If only they will take time to ask or inquire, there are health insurance policies that cover pre-existing conditions that also stipulate for a waiting period before the coverage commences.  For seniors,  time is of the essence when it comes to health issues. Hence, it is best to inquire as early as now about senior health insurance plans.

Insufficient Coverage

Many people think that senior health insurance only offers limited coverage due to the age of the seniors.  This myth prevents many individuals from purchasing health insurance for their old parents. Senior citizens themselves are also hesitant to buy health insurance, thinking that most insurance companies prioritize them less and are selective with the coverage.

Fortunately, many health insurance companies have comprehensive coverage and even cover critical illnesses that include but are not limited to cardiovascular disease, certain cancers, end-stage liver disease, kidney failure, lung disease, or Alzheimer’s. Health Insurance companies have become more competitive when it comes to their offers to seniors in terms of health coverage.

In fact, many health insurance companies cover not just critical illnesses but also psychiatric care expenses, organ donor’s expenses, and even domiciliary care expenses. This only shows with pristine clarity that senior health insurance plans now include a wide range of coverage that would greatly help the seniors.


Senior parents deserve all the love and best care in the world. Seniors are among the most vulnerable individuals who have no one to depend on except their loved ones, specifically their children.  Unfortunately, seniors are deprived of the best and complete medical treatment they need because of the senior health insurance misconceptions or myths.

Hence, upon knowing these five common misconceptions about senior health insurance, it is time to get the best senior health plan for your selfless aging parents and give them the most comfortable medical treatment without pinching your pocket.

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