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NewsAmerican causes transatlantic Twitter spat after trashing chip butties - despite never...

American causes transatlantic Twitter spat after trashing chip butties – despite never trying one

AN American Twitter user has created a transatlantic spat over British comfort food after slating the chip butty.

The Twitter user, from Massachusetts, US, said he had been left “irrationally angry” after discovering the iconic British snack.

Going by the alias, Jack (England’s most wanted), the American caused uproar after sharing his opinion online on Saturday.

A chip butty - Viral News UK
The chip butty loved by brits did not impress Jack fromMassachusetts, US.

He shared a snap of the sarnie and said: “Just learned about chip butties, which is an English food that is literally just French fries in between two slices of bread.

“This is just making me so irrationally angry.”

The post quickly went viral, racking up more than 94,000 likes, and drawing the ire of many outraged Brits.

Another image of a chip butty - Viral News UK
The chip butty is a roll filled with chips and is popular amongst brits.

Eliza Watson replied: “What’s all this about then? An American saying two starchy refined and processed foods can’t go together? Load of old b******s mate.”

@ImpulseArray wrote: “Sorry USA, we’re not having this from you. No way. Plus the chip butty is a gift from god. Fact.”

@Homely_1_Kenobi said: “Chip butty contains chips. Hand-cut fresh potatoes fried twice in aged beef dripping and HP sauce.

Jacks post on the chip butty - Viral News UK
Jacks Tweet is now the at the centre of the controversy.

“Americans who cannot discern G&B from Hershey’s should never comment on European food.

“Since Kraft bought out Cadbury they have ruined taste with their clatty palm oil. Stop it.”

Sarah Loftus added: “A chip butty made with American ingredients the way you’re imagining would indeed be awful.

“Your bread is too dry and too sweet and your fries too thin. An English chip butty with proper chippy chips, thick salted butter, soft white bread and lots of salt is amazing.”

A Twitter users reaction to the butty post - Viral News UK
One Twitter user was less than impressed at Jack’s Tweet.

@iwanimawocha huffed: “It’s not french fries inside, it’s chips, which are thicker and juicier.

“And it’s in a bread roll, which is soft and fluffy, and the butter gets all melty. I don’t know why you posted this picture of cardboard but go off I guess.”

While @pauljchambers said: “Get some butter on that and welcome to Joytown, population – you. Side note: we are absolutely not taking sh** from a nation that invented funnel cake”

Although, some Americans agreed with Jack’s critique.

@gabby_nicole___ wrote under his post: “I hate British people and their foods. What an abomination”

@imthomasjordan added: “My cousin from the UK told me this was his go to. He needs therapy.”

@amaladior said: “I present beans on toast. A UK classic. This is the s*** you should be hating on.”

And @KaylaAncrum wrote: “This looks like a depression meal.”

Following the backlash, Jack later added: “The Brits have found this post and they are p****d.”

According to Taste Atlas, a chip butty is: “A British sandwich consisting of chips (fries) between bread slathered with butter.

“Although purists might think that nothing else is needed, some people like to add condiments such as malt vinegar, mayonnaise, or ketchup.”

The delicacy is sometimes referred to as a chip cob, chip barm, chip roll, or chip sandwich across various parts of the country.

However, a poll from Foodhub earlier this year found that 58% of people refer to the snack as a chip butty.

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