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NewsMcDonald's apologises after customer shares disgusting video of "earwig" found in burger

McDonald’s apologises after customer shares disgusting video of “earwig” found in burger

MCDONALD’S has apologised to a customer who vowed to never eat at the fast food chain again after discovering an “earwig” in her burger.

Josie O’Connell, from Bedford, shared a revolting video appearing to show the critter inside her half-eaten Bacon Mayo Chicken Burger.

The trainee teacher said was left sickened and concerned she may have eaten the “bug” after apparently only clocking the unwelcome addition after tucking into the snack last  Wednesday.

The video shows a black “insect” nestled between the burger’s buns, on top of some lettuce and mayonnaise.

The video slowly zooms in to reveal the foreign object, which appears to have the trademark pincers normally spotted on earwigs.

The disgusting clip is captioned: “Are you joking?!”

An earwig in a McDonald's burger - Consumer News UK
Half of the bug was discovered in the burger with Josie fearing she may have consumed half of it

A furious Josie, 24, took to Twitter to complain about the alleged discovery. She said: “Found this in my burger today, absolutely disgusting.

“Went in and told them and all they could do is give me a refund? I just nearly ate a bug.”

McDonald’s social media team replied to Josie asking her to message them, but Josie claims she has not heard anything back from the company.

The McDonald's Chicken and Bacon Mayo sandwich - Consumer News UK
Josie discovered the insect in the McDonald’s Chicken and Bacon Mayo

Speaking last Friday, Josie said: “I bought a bacon chicken mayo, and it sounds stupid, but all the bacon was in one place, so I opened the burger up to move it around a bit.

“When I saw something black, at first, I thought it was some dodgy lettuce but then I looked closer and realised it was a bug.

“I actually think it’s an earwig but half of it’s missing.”

When asked if she bit into the bug she said: “Yeah maybe , I don’t know.”

A close up of the earwig - Consumer News UK
The bug can be seen with its entrails hanging out

“I went in straight away and the manager said ‘I’m so sorry this has never happened before’ we’ll refund you.

“So, I thought they’d refund me for the whole meal, but no, they refunded me only £1.39 for the burger.

“She also asked me if I wanted a burger, but I said no as I felt sick.

“So I tweeted the video then McDonald’s replied saying ‘DM us with the store you visited’ so I did and no reply.

“I thought I would get a voucher or something as compensation? But to be honest I don’t really ever want to eat there again.”

A spokesman for McDonald’s said: “We are sorry to hear about this customer’s experience.

“Food safety is of the utmost importance to us and we place great emphasis on quality control, following rigorous standards to avoid any imperfections.

“The customer returned the item to our restaurant team where they were given a full refund and were offered a replacement.

“Our customer services team has contacted the customer in order to find a satisfactory solution.”


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