Mum shares disabled teen’s adorable reaction to being gifted Kevin the Carrot stuffed toy


HEARTWARMING video shows a disabled teen’s adorable reaction to being gifted a giant Kevin the Carrot by his parents.

16-year-old Marcus Weston was overcome with joy after seeing his dad Gary Weston coming down their driveway clutching the three and a half foot plush toy.

The youngster from Richmond, North Yorkshire was left bouncing up and down with excitement after being presented with the gift.

Marcus suffers from an incredible rare genetic disorder known as CFC Syndrome which results in delayed growth and heart abnormalities.

CFC is so rare that Marcus is one of only 400 people in the world that lives with the disorder.

In the video, Marcus can be seen in the kitchen peering out of the window which looks onto the family’s driveway.

Marcus bursts into a fit of clapping and smiling as he eagerly shouts: “Kevin!”

Marcus Weston seeing his father coming with his new Kevin the Carrot - Viral News UK
16-year-old Marcus Weston was overcome with joy after seeing his dad Gary Weston coming down their driveway with Kevin the Carrot

Mum Sam Weston pans the camera around to show Gary carrying the huge Kevin the Carrot down their driveway.

Marcus can be heard in the background laughing excitedly as he makes his way to greet his Dad and Kevin at the front door.

As Marcus opens the front door, the three burst into laughter as Marcus gleefully clutches the giant soft toy from his Dad’s hands.

Marcus Weston's father Gary Weston with Kevin - Viral News UK
Gary Weston brought home the new teddy for his son who was overjoyed

He cuddles the huge carrot as Sam says: “What do you say to daddy?”

Marcus says thank you before giving his dad a kiss.

He then carries Kevin through to their living room and sits down on the floor beside him.

The sweet video of Marcus was captured by his mum Sam Weston, who posted it onto her Facebook page on December 6.

Marcus with his Kevin the Carrots - Viral News UK
Marcus is obsessed with Kevin the Carrot and was surprised with by his father who snuck out in the morning to get one for him

Sam, who works as a teacher, captioned her post: “Gary queued up to make sure Marcus wasn’t disappointed!

“Turn the volume on to hear Marcus’ excitement!”

Since sharing the amazing video of Marcus, it has been viewed over 70,000 times and delighted social media users.

Sara Rutherford said: “Thanks for sharing his joy with us Sam – just gorgeous to see how delighted he is!”

Cheryl Clayton commented: “Beautiful, this has made my day Sam.”

And Catherine Archer posted: “You guys are amazing and what utter joy. Gorgeous.”

The clip even prompted a response from Aldi, who tweeted: “Kevin the carrot loves YOU Marcus.”

Speaking today, 46-year-old Sam said: “Marcus’ obsession with Kevin the Carrot has been brewing for a few years.

“He is autistic so he has a few obsessions.

“He knew that the giant one was going back on sale because he had seen the adverts, his Dad snuck out at half eight on the Sunday morning and sat in the car park for a few hours to get him one.

“Due to CFC syndrome, Marcus struggles with learning, hearing and he also has heart problems.

“He spent the first year of his life in a hospital, one Doctor said he didn’t think he would even see his first birthday.

“He is our little miracle.”