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The Best Website Design Platform

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Approximately 60% of all businesses have their little corner of the internet in the form of a website. This number rises on a daily basis as more and more consumers begin to use the internet to make their daily lives easier. Another reason for this rise is because establishing a basic website for your business is a relatively affordable job, and in most cases, that is all that a small business needs. Because of that, many professionals create a website solely to display their work and portfolio.

Whatever the case may be, below, you will find the best website designer platforms that you can take advantage of for your business or personal brand.

#1 WordPress

WordPress is one of the best platforms to set up and design a website for you or your business. It made its debut as a content management system, but the availability of premade templates, themes, and plugins has made it the most popular website designing platform in the world. One of the most attractive features of this platform is a one-click install and easy customization.

Nowadays, many hosting packages offer a one-click install facility for this platform. More than 30% of business websites are using the WordPress platform. It allows users to use drag and drop builders to design stunning website designs. Moreover, the community-supported feature of this platform makes it the first choice for a large portion of website developers from around the world.

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#2 Wix

Wix is another famous platform that offers a range of features and plans. The availability of more than 500 templates will take your website designing experience to the next level. It also provides a drag and drop editor that enables the designers to tweak and restyle everything without using any complex code. 

Wix has smartly designed core editing features that seem like a native app in the platform. The platform has recently launched Wix Turbo that has revolutionized the speed and performance of websites that use the Wix web builder. Wix has the only issue that is sluggish customer support. However, it is a good website designing platform for amateur users, start-ups, and small businesses.

#3 BigCommerce

If you intend to build an e-commerce website, BigCommerce is the best available platform because of its low overhead. You don’t need to worry about anything related to technical and server issues because everything is handled by the platform.

This website designing platform offers integration with other top website building platforms like WordPress and top payment gateways. BigCommerce also provides many premade templates and allows its users to customize them according to their business needs. It also comes with many built-in features for an improved conversion rate. Find a website designer near you. 

#4 Shopify

Shopify is another e-commerce website building platform that has become a preferred choice for many international e-commerce corporations. You do not need to worry about web hosting, installing updates, managing software, and keeping backups while using this platform. You can hire a local web designer for your store management.

Today, more than a million businesses are using Shopify to build their e-commerce stores. Without any need for coding, you can choose from the hundreds of designs it offers. Its drag and drop interface makes it super easy for the developers to create an online store within a few minutes. The platform has integration capabilities with different payment gateways along with offering its Shopify Payment.

#5 Weebly

And finally, let’s take a look at Weebly. It is a website designing platform with tons of great designs and functionalities. Like WordPress, it is also a content management system that provides easy drag and drop tools for professional web designing. The platform also provides the facility for building an e-commerce store to sell products and services.

It also gives many options to personalize the website according to your business requirements. Weebly also comes with fully optimized themes with built-in SEO, analytics, and many other unique features.


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