Shocking moment police ram thug wanted for assaults on women and a child during high speed chase

DRAMATIC body cam footage shows how police managed to bring “violent bully” to a halt by slamming into him during a high speed chase.
25-year-old Connor Harrison was wanted by Kent Police for a string of offences, including assaults against two women and a child. 
The nail-biting chase took place back in September, but officers were finally able to release the heart-stopping footage, after Harrison was sentenced to three years in jail last Wednesday at Canterbury Crown Court.
The “bully” was convicted of dangerous driving, harassment, four counts of assault, including one against an emergency services worker, two counts of criminal damage and driving while disqualified.

In the video, two police cars can be seen in pursuit of Harrison on the A229. 
Suddenly, he attempts to pull a u-turn in the middle of the road and double back on himself.
However, the police BMW continues to drive straight at his vehicle, impacting with the side of the car at speed.
Shocking moment shows police smash into evading criminal using tactical stop - Crime News UK
The specially trained officers smashed into the 25-year-old causing him to stop.
This forces Harrison to stop and the officer who was wearing the body cam quickly jumps out his smashed up vehicle to apprehend the crook. 
The video then cuts to show the damage caused to both cars in the tactical stop. 
The bonnet of the police car is completely misshapen and out of place while the driver side of Harrison’s vehicle is completely caved in.
At the end of the clip, Harrison can be seen sitting on the ground in cuffs while three officers stand over him. 
Shocking moment shows police smash into evading criminal using tactical stop - Crime News UK
The side of Harrison’s car was completely ruined after police collided with the driver.
Police also revealed that they had deployed a stinger prior to the footage which caused two of Harrison’s tyres to deflate.
They added that after the footage was stopped, Harrison kicked, spat at and verbally abused the officers. 
Harrison was wanted at the time for controlling and coercive behaviour on a woman known to him. 
He had used concrete blocks to damage her car and a window of her property, causing glass to shatter over a child who was in the room at the time.
Shocking moment shows police smash into evading criminal using tactical stop - Crime News UK
Pictured: Connor Harrison. Courtesy of Kent Police.
Since the video was shared by Kent Police onto their social media accounts, members of the public have been quick to praise their actions.
Steve Read said: “Shame it wasn’t even harder! Great job though proper policing!”
Stephen Lockwood posted: “Trust the officers were okay. Only three years for this low life, officers need more protection and greater support for their hard work.”
And Shane Cave commented: “What a shot.”
Detective Inspector Andy Bidmead said: “Connor Harrison is a violent bully.
“He thought he could intimidate women and cause damage to other people’s belongings,
without any repercussions. 
“He showed absolutely no respect to the law or other road users when he drove dangerously to evade arrest.
“It is not acceptable for anyone to be on the receiving end of this type of abuse and our officers will support any victims who find themselves facing a similar situation.”