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The Shady Side Of Instagram Followers

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Over 1 billion people use Instagram every month. This makes it the perfect place to get famous quickly. Many people are trying to get noticed via this app, like Instagram models, fitness experts, and fashion experts. Other people like to stay anonymous and post creative content like satisfying videos and life hacks. However, there is a dark side to having a lot of followers on Instagram. Let’s have a look:

The Pressure For Likes

Influencers generally begin by creating content they like, but soon it turns into a game of likes. A study was conducted. that interviewed micro-influencers. Micro-influencers have less than 10,000 followers. As their followers grew, the influencers discussed how they had a constant need to increase their likes. 

Buying Instagram followers
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Rather than posting content they initially liked, they began posting content that gave them the most likes. Their initial interest and what the audience wants creates a conflict in influencers’ mind.

There is a constant comparison between influencers, and this gives them anxiety and social media insecurity. If you want to win this competition once and for all, buy Instagram likes fast; since in such a competitive sphere, safety could only be found in numbers!

Danger with Bots

People usually use the money to buy followers. Most of these follower accounts are bots. Since Instagram initially started in 2010, there has been a problem with fake accounts.


Recently the New York Times posted an article in which they uncovered companies selling fake accounts under legitimate names and information. These bot accounts take information from the real account without their permission.


The profile pictures and bio are all stolen without consent. Most bots don’t do much. But 28.9% of Instagram bots are bad ones. These bots send you messages or links to place a virus in your account to steal the passwords.

Constant Criticism

Instagram and other social media platforms have become places where people can openly express their opinions and thoughts. This freedom of speech has given rise to trollers and a lot of hate-speech.


Followers feel the need to express their thoughts in the comment section, especially all the negative reviews. Even though influencers have much love for their followers, some of their criticisms can be hurtful to the influencers. Many followers often make them susceptible to a lot of hate-speech that influencers might need to ignore.


These criticisms often get to the influencers and can result in depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts.

Blackmailers and Hackers

With trollers as well as hate speeches, blackmailers and hackers are no surprise. Being an internet personality means you will have many blackmailers sliding into your DMs and threatening your life. As an influencer, you will have to fear for your life all the time and need security. 


Hackers can be a threat too. An account hack can hurt your followers and content. Some hackers not just steal your password but post inappropriate content to make you lose your followers.


Instagram might be a place to gain instant popularity, but it can be very shady as well. Many followers might make you a big influencer, but this also makes you susceptible to danger.


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