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Brexit Doesn’t Have to be Bad News for Scottish Employment Rate

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While both the UK and the EU still wish to strike a deal that will make Brexit’s transition much smoother for both sides, time is running out until January 1st, 2021. Most financial analysts are pessimistic at this phase, despite talks being renewed at the last minute. The main focus of these talks is naturally trade and commerce, since a no-deal Brexit is estimated to leave millions on both sides unemployed. Add that to the already soaring unemployment rates that are a result of COVID-19, and you get a recipe for disaster.

Especially concerned by Brexit’s consequences is the Scottish government. Scotland has been dominantly against Brexit from day one, since the Scottish economy has historically been weaker than the English, Welsh, and Northern Irish ones. That’s why many Scots are truly dreading the historic split turning into an ugly divorce, since they fear for their pockets.

 However, there are some employment options anyone affected by Brexit should be familiar with. Since finding a new job (especially in this reality) may take time, we’ve gathered a few more immediate income possibilities worth considering and if you’re in this sticky situation, take your time and go through the list. It might come in handy. 

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Positions formerly held by non-UK citizens

You may lose your job due to the lack of trade and employment deals between the UK and the EU, but that also means that positions in the UK, currently held by EU citizens, are going to clear up. This is definitely something worth inquiring about, and the sooner the better – before these positions are restaffed. Our estimate is that employers are already looking for new workers, so don’t wait till the last minute.

Healthcare system

Working hands are always needed in hospitals, clinics, and infirmaries – especially in COVID-19 times. While the work is not easy, the pay is usually high, as are the benefits offered. This may also be more than just a temporary job, but if you insist on it not being something for the long term, we advise you to let your employer know that ahead of time – chances are it will not harm your odds of being accepted, since a lot of these positions are meant for temporary labor force. 


Unemployment is also an opportunity to turn that skill you have into an income. Whether you’re a gifted plumber, carpenter, singer or what not, this is the perfect time to offer your services. However, you must remember that you need to put yourself out there. Make sure everyone knows you have a skill and are looking to put it to use. You may even need to consider online advertising, so read on to find out more about that. 

Online marketing

Luckily, no future border between the UK and the EU can stop trading habits in the virtual sphere. If you have a sense for sales, you should definitely try your luck with advertising online for a commission given by the businesses you promote. One of the hottest trends of the online marketing world today is lead generation. Johnathan Greenwood, spokesperson for Crystalead, a digital marketing company specializing in lead generation, explains: “Basically, lead generation focuses on collecting contact information from potential customers who agree to provide it, rather than closing sales directly online. That information is later used to ‘close a deal’ more directly – by phone, for example.”

Sites like Crystalead give freelance online advertisers the chance to promote one of a wide selection of partner businesses, and in return the advertisers get a commission for every lead they produce. This makes the process simple, since there’s no need to search for businesses looking for lead generation, and all of the data is stored on the site’s platform. As Greenwood put it, “Crystalead provides you with everything from A to Z. All you need to bring is willingness to spend a small amount on advertising and your creativity.” 

Minor import

While this is not as simple as it used to be, due to COVID-19 health regulations, a lot of people are still making money off of importing on a small scale. With that in mind, Brexit may mean that commodities won’t travel as freely in and out of the UK. We’d recommend reading a bit about standards and procedures before jumping in, but this field certainly has potential – and you shouldn’t wait too long to seize it, or someone else will beat you to it.

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