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How To Get Info About Someone Who’s Calling You?

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In today’s world, smartphones have become a blessing for people. With everything going digital, every work is now done with the help of our smartphones. The business calls we get helps us to remain connected professionally. But what about the unknown calls? Should you always pick up every new number’s call? The answer is NO. The technology is so advanced that it takes only a single phone number to get every available information. So it is imperative to get info about someone who is calling you. Hence, here are three ways to help you get details of someone who is calling you.

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  1. Through Third-Party Apps: Applications like Truecaller, CallApp, Mr. Number, TrapCaller, ViewCaller, and Numler can give you the details of the person who is calling you. You can get any of the listed apps from Playstore or Appstore. These apps display the name of the person and the location of the person. It will also notify you whether the number is spam or not. To use any of these apps, all you need is a decent internet connection.


If you want to look for more information about the person, you can go to You have to enter the search bar number and wait for it to load every piece of information on the screen.


  1. Through reverse phone number lookup: One of the most comfortable and most convenient ways to get info about someone who is calling you is by performing a reverse phone number lookup. Radaris is the website that can help you to look for the person who is calling you. From this website, you can get the owner’s name and current address. Not only that, but it will also tell you about the phone type. They thoroughly go through millions of call records to provide you with the correct information. It delivers the result in a split second. People who have used this site to look up to any person say that the site is reliable since it provides accurate data. Here are the steps which you can perform to get info about someone who is calling you.
  • Type the number in the search bar and click on the search option.
  • Please wait for it to give you the information about the person.
  • To know more about the person, you can click on the name and find out.

           Radaris also helps people by giving you the details of their criminal records. By visiting the website, you can also check the person’s business background. Radaris is one of the best sites to find someone by performing a reverse phone number lookup.

  1. Through Social Media: Social Media is the most reliable medium for people who want to remain connected. Social media can help you associate with people, grow your business, showcase your art, and many more. But you may be surprised that social media can also help you get info about someone who is calling you. Social media platforms like Facebook can be used to gain any person’s details through their phone number. You have to enter the phone number in the search option. The interface is friendly enough to go through every Facebook profile and develop it with the same number. LinkedIn is also a platform where you can find info about the person by typing his phone number. You have to keep in mind that these platforms respect everyone’s privacy. You will get the information about the person which the person has chosen to keep in public. So to get more details, you have to give your efforts and connect with the person.



Thanks to technology, getting information about someone who is calling you is effortless. You have to note down the correct number and go through any of the steps mentioned above. The applications, websites, and social media platforms are there to help people. But it is up to us to use these to our benefit. We should always have accurate information about the person before picking up the call to prevent our details’ leakage. Use an application like Truecaller and websites like Radaris, which provides free reverse phone lookup and knows everything about the person who is calling you.



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