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4 Ways to Stay Safe on a Company Hiking Trip


The UK is full of amazing spots and places to take long hikes in, and especially in Scotland. While the UK appeals to many keen walkers and hikers, both locally and from abroad, there are many safety precautions that must be taken if you’re looking to ensure a happy and healthy hike, especially when the hike includes employees under company care.

Staying safe while hiking
Image by Toomas Tartes on Unsplash

Where Is Good to Hike in the UK?

Some of the top places to hike in the UK if you’re looking for a team-bonding trip or your own personal hike include:

  • Snowdonia National Park, Wales
  • Isle of Skye, Scotland
  • Hadrian’s Wall Path, Northumberland to Cumbria
  • The South West Coastal Path, Cornwall
  • South Downs Way, Hampshire to Sussex
  • Lake District, England

How to Stay Safe on a Hiking Trip

Below are four ways to always make sure that your hiking trip is a safe one.

  1. Plan for the Right Weather

It’s always important to plan for the weather on a hike. Not only that, but planning for the potential of weather changing is also key, as you can’t always predict the weather for the course of the whole day on long hikes. It’s a good idea to use multi-purpose gear, such as thermal jackets, which are also waterproof with hoods, and it’s always better to wear too many layers, which you can easily strip off and carry, rather than not taking enough.

Planning for the weather isn’t only about what you wear, either. It’s also key for a safe hike, as you may be up against heavy rain, heavy winds in high places, or even snow, which can make hiking more difficult.

  1. Make Sure There Is a Company First Aider

There are many skills that would be beneficial to learn before going off on a hike. Navigation skills, like using a map and a compass, will be very helpful, but you may also want to learn extra skills, like first aid and how to treat injuries or wounds. Problems can always happen on hikes, so first-aid abilities are a must for any business, especially if you’re out in the wilderness or on deserted trails. Experts like the Skills Training Group provide classes employees can attend to learn key skills, if you want to train up a designated first-aider.

  1. Use the Right Equipment

The right gear will make for a safer and easier hike. This includes supportive walking footwear to help your feet endure a tough hike. You may also want to use extras like walking poles, which can help with balance on tougher routes, as well as help maintain a healthy walking posture to support your back.

  1. Don’t Stray Off Course

Official hiking trails will have been made for the best and safest routes for all walkers, and they’ll be lined with helpful features like trail signposts and key features you can watch out for to know when you’re on the right path. It’s easy to get lost if you take a wrong turn on certain hikes, or try to walk a different way, so for your own safety, always stick to the trail.

Use these tips to always stay safe whilst hiking.