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4 Ways to Surprise Your Valentine


Valentine’s Day is one of the most important days of the year for many couples. But, let’s be real, fellas, Valentine’s Day is really all about the ladies.

The pandemic may have forced you and your girlfriend or spouse to spend more time together than ever before, which can be trying. However, it might rekindle the flame some if you went the extra mile to make this Valentine’s day one to remember. Continue reading to get some Valentine’s Day ideas that will wow your better half and possibly even help improve your sex life!

Valentines Day Tips
Image by Jamie Street on Unsplash

1. Flowers are a classic, a mainstay, and a must.

Women swell up with pride when they get a surprise Valentine’s Day flower delivery. Nothing says, “Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweetheart,” like a fresh bouquet of red roses or tulips. Make her feel like a teenager again with the surprise of Valentine’s Day flowers. A local florist can put together a same day flower delivery of her favorite blooms, whether that’s lilies or daisies. And by the way, you’d better not forget the card, balloons, or chocolates either!

2. Take her on a last-minute getaway.

What better way to surprise someone than with elaborate plans at the last minute. The best part of it is that what seems like a last-minute thing to the surprised person was actually well-thought-out and planned ahead of time. Once it hits them all that must’ve gone into planning their surprise, they usually go from shocked to grateful.

If you’re a middle-aged man wondering how mature couples can spice things up, take her on a surprise getaway. The time is still far enough away that you can make travel and lodging reservations pretty inexpensively.

The point of a getaway is to shake things up, so if you live somewhere cold, then consider heading somewhere tropical like South Florida or the Bahamas. Conversely, if you live somewhere that typically sees mild winters, your better half may love nothing more than a ski trip to Aspen or Lake Tahoe.

While you want to enjoy the activities and attractions your destination has to offer—the point is to make your spouse the center of attention. Every detail of the trip needs to be planned with her in mind. While you’re on your vacation, never let any moment outshine her. Sometimes, relationships lose their spark because of something as simple as a lack of attention or affection. So, while she’ll appreciate the getaway, she’ll appreciate having the full intensity of your focus even more.

3. Propose.

The best surprises take a lot of time, elaborate planning, and luck, and they’re the ones that create the most lasting memories. If you’ve found the woman who made you realize all of your past relationships were practice for this one, there’s no better way to make that statement than with a question. That would be the “Big Question,” in case you were wondering.

Many people propose on Valentine’s Day, so be sure to put some real planning into it so it will be an actual surprise. Find a way to incorporate your families to drive home further the symbolism of two people and families becoming one.

4. If you’re single, then you should try to fill your date card.

You may be single, that doesn’t mean you have to spend Valentine’s Day alone. Believe it or not, V-Day matters to guys too. Every lonely person would rather spend quality time with someone else on February 14th than at home on social media or with their guy pals. If you don’t have any date prospects, consider going out on a blind date with someone from a dating app. The best thing about it is that you get to know much about a person from their profile on a dating app—it’s not really a blind date.

If you met someone online and think a fake profile has set you up, then it’s a good idea to steer clear of that kind of trouble. Trust your gut if you sense some red flags from the direction of a new online friend. There’s no telling what a scammer’s true intentions are. If you want to know how to know if you’re being catfished, you can get internet security tips on the Force Protection web site.