Argos apologises to customer after glass lid on cooker “goes off like firework”

Argos cooker shattered - Consumer News UK
The glass lid shattered during the customer’s dinner prep.

ARGOS has apologised to a customer after the glass top on her cooker “exploded” while she was preparing dinner.

The shopper from West Bromwich, West Midlands, shared shocking photos showing the damage caused by the incident on Sunday.

The 41-year-old customer says her £329.99 New World NWLS60DGB cooker went off “like a firework” after she placed a warm oven tray on top.

The images show the two-month-old cooker’s hob covered in lumps of shattered glass that have been left embedded under the gas rings.

Another photo shows how the floor has also been left covered in a shower of the shards.

Argos cooker lid shattered - Consumer News UK
The glass lid shattered during the customer’s dinner prep.

The former Argos employee, who does not wish to be identified, took to the retailer’s Facebook page to complain shortly after.

She wrote: “Can someone contact me please? My cooker lid has just shattered. Not amused.”

Speaking yesterday, she explained: “I was prepping dinner and put an oven tray on the top.

“It wasn’t hot as the oven had turned itself off and I was able to hold the tray without oven gloves on.

Argos cooker shattered - Consumer News UK
The retailer is now investigating.

“I then started to prep something else and then there was a huge bang, glass everywhere, it just shattered.

“It went ‘bang’ like a firework going off.

“I was shocked. I think my poor dog was more scared than me.”

Argos has since contacted the customer to say they are sorry for her experience.

An Argos spokesman said: “We are in touch to apologise and investigate the customer’s experience further with New World, the manufacturer.

“We are arranging for a replacement oven to be delivered as soon as possible.”

The shopper confirmed she was pleased with the resolution, adding on Facebook: “Cooker lid exploded yesterday.

“Had a call from the Haznot team today and a new cooker will be with me on Sunday.”