Sports Direct blunder leaves clothing rail looking like “Nazi Swastika”

Sports direct blunder nazi sign - Viral News
The display had Joe doing a double take (Image: Joe Cockburn)

SPORTS Direct has been ridiculed online after images emerged of a clothes railing which was left resembling a swastika.

The unfortunate arrangement was snapped at a branch in Halifax, West Yorkshire on Sunday, prompting disbelief from those who saw it.

The image shows a rack of garments photographed from above, revealing the railing’s set up.

The intersection of the stand’s metal bars has left it closely resembling a swastika.

The image was captured inside the Sports Direct by shopper Joe Cockburn.

Sports direct sign blunder - Viral news
Social media users also spotted the resemblance.



The 24-year-old then shared the snap on Twitter with the caption his post: “Risky railing arrangement from Sports Direct.”

Since sharing the image online, social media users have expressed their shock, but have also been making pun filled comments about the symbol.

@olifisher said: “The Price is Reich, though.”

@Si_Harris1984 commented: “You’ll Nazi me wearing those.”

@joe_oshea8 made a similar comment, saying: “I did Nazi them doing something like this, disgusting.”

@el_bombero_loco posted: “Yikes! It took me a few seconds to notice.”

According to Joe, there were several other rails in a similar arrangement across the shop floor.

Speaking today [MON] he said: “I spotted it while my mum was browsing and had to wait for two other customers to move to take the picture!

“They were all over the shop. I couldn’t believe no-one had thought it was a bad idea.

“When I walked round the corner and saw another my head flew off

“Just baffled that they would even construct them and not see it.”

The swastika was originally an emblem used in Buddhism and Hinduism, however the icon is now mostly recognised as a hate symbol after being adopted by the Nazi Party.