Hilarious clip shows sledder wiped out by inflatable dinghy on snowy slope


HILARIOUS video shows the moment a sledder in the snow is bowled over by an out of control dinghy sliding down a mountain.

The clip, apparently taken on the slopes of Glenshee Ski Resort in Ballater, Abderdeenshire captured the dinghy wiping out visitors as it careered down the hill.

The video was shared on Twitter on Wednesday by Jamey Armstrong, who claimed the sledders were later “banned” from the facility.

As the clip begins, a man can be seen falling off a sledge at the end of the run, demonstrating the icy conditions.

The camera then pans up the hill to show revellers making their way to the top carrying sledges.

Suddenly, a rubber dinghy carrying three men emerges and heads straight for the group.

The people scramble out of the dinghy’s way as it careers down the slope.

A woman can be heard giggling as she films the chaos, which leaves sledders diving out of the inflatable’s path.

Sledder knocked down by rubber dinghy- Viral News Scotland
The sledder is said to have been banned from the ski resort for putting people in danger. Copyright Unknown

One of the men is flung out of the dinghy as it hits the side of a fence.

The contraption continues to speed down the hill, heading straight for a man in a blue jacket.

He is unable to move as the inflatable skids towards him, wiping out his legs and sending him crashing to his knees.

The duo in the dinghy continue to slide down the slope, narrowly avoiding a woman climbing up who jumps out of the way.

Sledder knocked down by rubber dinghy- Viral News Scotland
The video captures the filmer laughing hysterically while recording the sledders going down hill. Copy right unknown

The clip then ends with one of the men rolling out of the dinghy, before being mowed down by it as it slows to a halt.

The Scottish Highlands and much of Scotland was hit with snowy conditions on Wednesday.

On Thursday, it was reported a group of skiers turned a closed road into a ski run.

Murray Howie, head coach of the The Alpine Training Centre filmed the group skiing down the access road in Aviemore in the Cairngorms National Park.