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NewsCoronavirus News"Maybe it was a sign?" - Motorist crashes into "Stay Home" billboard

“Maybe it was a sign?” – Motorist crashes into “Stay Home” billboard

Motorist slams into Stay Home sign - Coronavirus News
The motorist was thankfully unharmed following the crash. (Image: Brent MPS | North West BCU)

A MOTORIST travelling in a Tier Four area has been “sent a sign” after crashing into a notice board bearing the “Stay Home” message.

Brent Police shared a snap of the collision in Wembley, North West London and suggested the incident could have been avoided if the driver had remained at home instead.

The motorist crashed into the sign early on Saturday morning, but luckily escaped unharmed.

The image shows the shattered billboard lying across the front of a silver car.

The digital notice reads: “Stay Home” and warns of the new more infectious strain of Covid-19 currently sweeping the nation.

The motorist’s silver vehicle is seen crushed underneath the advert, with its bonnet slightly popped.

Motorist crashes into Stay Home sign - coronavirus news
Police made a cheeky gag about the accident.

The front bumper is also hanging off and has come away from the car’s headlight.

The photo was shared by Brent MPS North West BCU on Twitter several hours after the accident, who wrote: “We didn’t need to provide any additional advice to this driver, early this morning.

“Thankfully, he wasn’t hurt, but maybe it was a sign? #StayHome.”

The scene has tickled some social media users.

One Twitter user wrote: “Brilliant” with laughing emojis.

One man said: “It ‘was’ a sign.”

While another joked: “He was trying to get away from the new mutant virus.”

Motorist slams into Stay Home sign - Coronavirus News
Social media users also saw the irony.

However, some were more concerned about the incident.

One Twitter user wrote: “Road safety again relying on luck.

“Not a joke to those who are subjected to danger on the roads every day.”

Another added: “It’s a total joke if the driver was not locked up and banned from driving for life for this.”

And one commenter fumed: “It’s a sign alright.

“A sign that he is unfit to be in charge of a vehicle that poses a deadly hazard. I hope you told him so.”

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said: “Police were called at 06:04hrs on Saturday, 2 January to reports that a car had collided with an advertising board in Harrow Road, Wembley.

“Officers attended and assisted with recovery.

“No injuries were reported and no offences committed.”

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