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Streamlining Your HR Team


A strong and stable Human Resources team can help any company find good employees, and ensure that vital tasks are being completed to a high standard, in a punctual manner. A contented employee is less likely to leave a company, so making their level of work easier and simpler may go a long way towards boosting their level of satisfaction. This is where certain services and systems may help. Finding a way to consolidate as much of the work as possible onto one system can lower the likelihood of needing to learn and use a number of platforms. In addition to this, choosing a system that is fairly stress-free and easy to use can help prevent frustration within your HR team.

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Allowing your whole team to input any days they would require off as part of their designated annual leave is one way in which you can take some pressure off of yourself, your managers, and your HR team. Rather than requiring an individual to email, or even physically speak to, one of the above-mentioned individuals, they could instead put their prospective vacation dates onto CIPHR HR systems, allowing your HR team to confirm or deny them when they get a chance. This removes the need for human communication, which will allow both parties to get on with their other tasks whilst decreasing the likelihood of either side forgetting the dates.

Unauthorised Absence

Sometimes, an employee may have time off of work that is not related to their annual leave. It may be down to HR to figure out why that individual is not at work, or to see if there are any repeating patterns regarding their work performance and attendance.

Some employees may also need absences in relation to health problems. A system that allows an employee to submit their medical documents, sick notes, and other evidence can help your HR staff see all of this in one place, rather than need to chase up physical copies and then find a means to store them. Your company may require fit notes from a registered GP before the process for sick pay is started.


Having the means to send out mass communications via email or SMS to the whole team may sometimes be a necessity. This may occur early in the morning if your workplace is suddenly closed, such as due to flood or electrical problems, or to remind employees of any public holidays or planned closures. At times, these communications may also require a response, even if to simply confirm that the information has been received and understood. Having a system that will allow for both quick sending and to record which individuals have yet to respond, can save a lot of time in needing to input email addresses or mobile numbers manually, as well as to remove the need for you to keep a running list of who has yet to reply, which may result in error.

Having a good system in place that allows your HR team to complete their work with as little complication as possible can give them more time to focus on their more pressing tasks. By enabling the rest of your workforce to complete some tasks on their own behalf, you can reduce the likelihood of interruption.