Student shares “brilliant” life hack for bath time snacking showing how chocolate Cadbury Fingers packets float

Chocolate fingers float in bath - Viral News
Francesca’s hack has already made 2021 more bearable. (Image: Francesca Hufton)

A STUDENT nurse has shared her genius hack for enjoying a bath time snack, by revealing that chocolate Cadbury Dairy Milk Fingers packets are able to float in the water.

Canterbury Christ Church University student Francesca Hufton has blown social media users away after posting a photo of the treats bobbing alongside as she enjoyed a soak on Monday.

The 31-year-old shared the vital information on Twitter shortly after, saying: “Don’t know who needs to know this, but chocolate fingers actually float in the bath!”

The image shows a full packet of £1 Cadbury’s Fingers in their plastic tray, perfectly suspended in the water.

Cadbury chocolate fingers float - Viral News
The snack was bone dry after being removed from the water. (Image: Francesca Hufton)

She also posted another photo of the snack following her bath, revealing that the goods were completely dry and “safe”.

Francesca’s revelation has stunned fellow Twitter users, eager to give the life hack a go.

Bethan John wrote: “This needs to be like a public service announcement! Now I need to find a way to get my glass of wine to float in the bath too!”

@bonj1987 added: “We’ve never met but this popped up on my feed and I wanted to thank you for your brilliant contribution to the pool of human knowledge.”

And Becky Austin replied: “What the actual? Never mind they float, how did you have some left in the packet?

“I have literally never opened a packet of chocolate fingers that had any need for anything other than a bin for the empty packet.”

The third year mental health nursing student explained that her “experiment” had come about after a patient recommended it.

Cadbury fingers float - Deadline News

Cadbury fingers float - Deadline News
Social media users thanked Francesca for the tip.

She added: “A patient told me about this so I had to try it out.

“They did melt a bit. They’re safe, and on their way back to the fridge.”

Cadbury’s Fingers are “deliciously crisp” biscuits covered in Dairy Milk milk chocolate.

They made headlines back in 2015 after it was revealed then-manufacturers Burton’s had reduced the weight of the pack by 11g, by removing two chocolate fingers from each product.

The license to make Fingers has since been bought back by Cadbury and they remain one of the UK’s most popular biscuits.