Toddler brands Boris Johnson a “d***head” after covid restrictions cause soft play area to close


HILARIOUS video shows a toddler brand Boris Johnson a “d***head” after covid restrictions caused his soft play area to stay shut.

Mum Shelly Marl shared a video of her son, Leo’s reaction to finding out that his local soft play area was closed due to covid-19.

Two-year-old Leo was apparently imitating his Dad and called Boris Johnson a “d***head” after hearing the news.

35-year-old Shelly from Wirral, Merseyside, managed to capture Leo on film and shared the video of him onto Facebook last Friday.

She captioned her post: “Boris is a d***head pass it on.”

In the video, tot Leo can be seen fastened into his car seat looking out of the car window.

Shelly can be heard asking him: “Leo? What did Daddy say about Boris?”

Youngster brand Boris Johnson a d******* - Viral Video News UK
Leo can be seen grinning in the video.

The toddler quickly says back: “He’s a d***head!”

Shelly starts laughing as the youngster smiles, before saying: “What?”

Again, Leo responds with: “ “He’s a d***head!”

Shelly then asks: “Who is?”

The tot again replies with: “Boris. He’s a d***head!”

Shelly can be heard chuckling away as Leo sits with a huge grin on his face.

Youngster brand Boris Johnson a d******* - Viral Video News UK
Pictured: Leo and Mum Shelly

The clip has delighted social media users since it was shared on Facebook.

Alex Browne said: “This kid knows.”

Jamie Mullen commented: “Mother of the year material right there.”

And Naomi Shaw posted: “Fantastic parenting, honest. You should be given a medal.”

Speaking today, Shelly said: “It was all because Leo wanted to go to the Monkeyhouse in Wallasey which is a soft play area.

“His dad told him he couldn’t because Boris had closed it and his Dad said Boris was a d***head.

“When I asked him about it, that’s what he said.

“I honestly think it’s so confusing and unfair on our children and families and basically I think Leo hit the nail on the head.”