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Tram station shut down after taxi “took wrong turn” and ended up wedged on tracks

A BIZARRE video has emerged showing how a taxi “took a wrong turn” and ended up stuck on tram lines at a station.

The Snow Hill stop in Birmingham, West Midlands was forced to close for several hours following the unusual incident.

Footage of the rescue attempt was captured by a passerby on Saturday  as police worked to free the trapped vehicle.

The short clip captures a group of police officers investigating the abandoned taxi just a few hundred yards away from the tram station.

It can be seen straddled across the track with its hazard lights flashing.

The officers can be seen getting to one side of the vehicle and start to push the car slightly.

It fails to move and as the clip ends the swarm of police continue to investigate.

Taxi wedged between track  stops tram service _ Viral Niws UK
The police have reported the taxi driver for driving offences. (C) Copyright Unknown

The taxi apparently became wedged on the tracks at around 8am, before being removed at 10.45am when services resumed as usual.

The video was shared on Facebook, where many social media users condemned the driver.

Stepen Edwards wrote under the post: “What a b***end. What the f*** is he trying to be an idiot.”

Dennis Ozman added: “He should lose his license for at least five years, the absolute idiot.”

Barb Capo said: “What a d*** head obviously shouldn’t be driving.”

And Balbeer Singh, a worker at Birmingham City Council, claimed: “The driver was from Walsall, who got lost.

Taxi wedged between track stops tram service _ Viral Niws UK
The police officers investigated the vehicle that was stuck on the tram line (C) Copyright Unknown

“He went through the no entry from the tram line to the railway line.”

In November 2016, there was a similar disruption near the same station after a vehicle was left abandoned on the tram line.

The drunk driver left his week-old Mercedes on the tracks, causing £6,000 of damage.

He was handed a 17 month driving ban after he also turned out to be uninsured.

A spokesman for West Midlands Police said: “No-one was arrested – the cabbie was reported for driving offences.”

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