Handy barmaid creates amazing kitchen island costing just £65 after joiners in family didn’t believe she could do it


A HANDY barmaid has created an amazing kitchen island for just £65 – after being laughed at by “every joiner in her family” who didn’t think she could pull it off.

Chloe Rose, from Halifax, West Yorkshire, created a TikTok showing her incredible attempt, from visiting B&Q for supplies to the finished project sitting in her kitchen.

With the help of her best friend Kerys Hubbard, Chloe managed to build the centerpiece without any help from professionals.

She documented the whole process on TikTok showing her kitchen looking bare before they had added the new seating area.

The video shows the girls dropping long pieces of wood while trying to measure up what they needed at B&Q.

Another clip shows a member of staff cutting up the larger pieces of wood to size for the girls.

They can then be seen wheeling their materials around the store before getting stuck in at home and piecing the frame together.

Barmaid creates kichen island for £65 proving joiner family wrong - DIY News UK
Chloe Rose created the incredible island for £65 after being “laughed at by every member of her joiner family” (C) Chloe Rose

The girls, who didn’t even know how to use a drill before their project, managed to glue the legs and worktop together before adding screws for extra support.

Hilariously, they can be seen drinking red shots after managing to put the main frame together.

They then filled the holes and sanded it down before adding a dark marble-looking vinyl on top and painting the legs a dark grey colour.

To jazz the structure up, the girls added blue LED lights underneath their new creation.

The end image on the video shows the finished piece in the centre of her kitchen with bar stools surrounding it.

Barmaid creates kitchen island for £65 proving joiner family wrong - DIY News UK
Chloe built the DIY Island with her best friend but spent over three hours trying to choose the right wood and materials for it (C) Chloe Rose

Chloe added captions throughout the clip, writing: “ My kitchen was so big and bare.

“And I didn’t want to spend too much.

“So me and my bestie got our DIY on.

“Every joiner in my family just laughed and didn’t think we could do it.

“We spent three hours in B&Q. Added glue for extra safety.

“Had no clue how to use a drill. Filled the holes and sanded. Added vinyl to the top. Painted the legs. Added LED lights.”

Chloe posted the clip on TikTok on Monday before sharing it in a Facebook group for DIY.

Barmaid creates kitchen island for £65 proving joiner family wrong - DIY News UK
Chloe Rose pictured amazed users with her handiwork despite never doing any DIY before (C) Chloe Rose

Her Facebook clip has attracted over 2,000 likes and hundreds of comments from impressed social media users.

One member of the group wrote: “That looks amazing! Well done you bloody legends.”

Another said: “Yes ladies, super job.”

And one user commented: “Go girl, good job” alongside three clapping hands emojis.

Chloe responded to one person in the group who didn’t believe that she had spent only £65, writing: “The MDF board is £22.97, we used two of them.

“The vinyl cost £10, the paint cost £10.”

Speaking today, Chloe said: “So we decided we were making it the day before New Year’s Eve, it was completed by New Year’s Eve.

“We went through so many different ideas of how to do the base, at first we were going to use kitchen base units but we figured it would be too low and too much of a hassle to make it higher.

“When me and Kerys were getting near enough fed up in B&Q I suggested we use the MDF board.

“All my family and friends that work in the trade expected it to not work and for us to give up.

“We are just really stubborn and when we get an idea we are determined to finish it.”

Chloe, 19, today said her family, including the joiners who laughed at her, told the girls that they were “really proud” of them for building the island.

She added: “We’ve decorated our own houses and such before, put down laminate flooring and painted and wallpapered but never quite managed something as hands on as the island.

“We will probably get a random idea soon and try [another DIY project].”