Hilarious photo shows Hermes customer papped on doorstep by courier “suspicious” he wasn’t real recipient of parcel


A HERMES customer has been hilariously papped entering his own home by a “suspicious” courier who “feared he may have handed the parcel to the wrong person”.

Ryan Larrington Leeds, West Yorkshire was left baffled after receiving the photo of himself entering his property yesterday [6 Jan].

Hermes customer papped by driver due to being "suspicious" - Viral News UK
Ryan took to Twitter to share his experience.

The 25-year-old came around the corner just as his ASOS parcel was being delivered and was handed the package directly by the courier.

However, this apparently roused the delivery man’s suspicions and he decided to take a snap of Ryan to “prove” who he had delivered to.

The image shows a Hermes delivery receipt featuring the photo of Ryan opening the door to his flat while clutching the parcel.

His key can be seen inserted into the lock as he makes his way into his home.

Hermes customer papped by driver due to being "suspicious" - Viral News UK
Ryan can be seen gaining access to his flat in the hilarious picture.

Ryan, who works in finance, was left in hysterics by the photo and decided to share the image on Twitter.

He captioned his post: “Thanks Hermes I think I got it.”

The post, which has racked up more than 10,000 likes, has had social media users in stitches too.

@amyhargreaves_x posted: “Brilliant. Love a Hermes delivery.”

@lcliff_ commented: “Howling hahahahaha.”

@DickieT84 said: “Please go back with ‘I don’t know this man!”

Hermes customer papped by driver due to being "suspicious" - Viral News UK
Pictured: Ryan Larrington with cat Fenton

Ryan has since explained he didn’t think the driver genuinely believed it was him the parcel belonged to, despite having keys to the flat.

Speaking today, Ryan said: “I was taking the bins out round the corner and I saw him come towards my flat door.

“I asked him if it was for me and don’t think he quite believed me until I got my keys out.

“Eventually he gave me my ASOS parcel and then just papped me.

“I was very confused about the email.

“I could see him taking the picture out of the corner of my eye but didn’t realise it was a full picture of me.”