Scots schoolgirls brace -3 conditions to go out and grit their local area

School girl gritters - Scottish News
Skye, Amelia-Lily, Sophia and Louisa (L-R) all wanted to help local residents. (Image: Charlotte Fisher)

A GROUP of schoolgirls have been bracing plummeting temperatures to go out and grit their local area.

The kindhearted youngsters have already spent two nights this week out in up to -3 conditions on the streets of the Gorbals, Glasgow making walkways safe for their community.

Skye, 8, and Amelia-Lily Henry, 6, set out with pals Sophia, 9, and Louisa Byrne, 8, on Monday and Tuesday, with plans to go back out again as more cold weather sets in.

The girls went out under the watchful eyes of mums Charlotte Fisher, 29, and Kirsty McCallum, 36, after Charlotte became concerned about the icy roads.

Adorable photos show the group wrapped up warm against the dark and freezing conditions.

School girl gritters - Scottish News
Skye, Louisa, Amelia-Lily and Sophia (L-R) with Kirsty McCallum. (Image: Charlotte Fisher)

In one snap, Sky and Amelia-Lily can be seen crouched on the ground spreading salt carried in a plastic bag.

The group decided to set out after student paramedic Charlotte made the suggestion to daughters Skye and Amelia-Lily, who jumped at the opportunity.

They then bumped into Kirsty and her girls Sophia and Louisa who were equally keen to join in.

Charlotte then decided to share their efforts with a local community group on Facebook saying: “Out with the girls doing some late night gritting, well done girls.”

Locals were blown away by the kindness of the youngsters.

School girl gritters - Scottish News
The youngsters have carrying grit around in plastic bags to help with “treacherous” conditions. (Image: Charlotte Fisher)

One woman said: “That’s awesome, well done girls.”

Another added: “Well done, very thoughtful.”

And one man said: “Brilliant stuff, give yourselves a big clap on the back.”

Speaking yesterday, Charlotte explained: “I work for the NHS at Queen Elizabeth hospital at the weekend, the car parks up there are so bad with ice, there’s never anyone gritting or a gritter nearby.

Social media praise for youngsters - Scottish News

Social media praise for gritters - Scottish News
Social media users expressed their gratitude.


“So when I came home on Sunday night, it kept playing on my mind about how slippy it was in the Gorbals and how dangerous it would be on the elderly for them getting to shop or putting their bins out.

“With it being lockdown, I asked my girls if they would like to go out to help with some gritting to stop the elderly from hurting themselves.

“They loved the idea, it also gave them a bit of exercise as well as helping our community.

“I thought the more hands the better.

“Then I bumped into my friend Kirsty and asked her and the girls if they would like to help and they were all up for it.

“We’ll be going back out tonight. We’re happy to do it for as long as it’s needed.”


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