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Spring Upgrades for Your Home


Springtime is often associated with cleaning and refreshing the home. The long dark nights of winter are over and the house looks cluttered and tired. It needs a lease of new life. The same walls and doors start to play psychological tricks after looking at them for too long. With the spring-cleaning done, you can see where your home requires further improvements.

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Start with the Internal Doors

Internal doors are a neglected part of home improvements. High quality doors don’t require replacing often. They’re one of the simplest ways to breathe fresh life into a home. Internal Doors UK sell glazed doors and have a vast range of doors styles to suit all tastes and budgets. If your home is dark and oppressive, even after the days grow longer, glazed internal doors will completely alter the atmosphere. Perhaps you’re artistic and want to make a bold statement while keeping up with the latest trends. If that sounds like you, unfinished doors are available to paint in whatever colour you choose. Upgrading doors is easier than replacing the flooring. Doors need a frame to hang from. New floors need entire rooms to be cleared.

The Big Stuff

If new internal doors aren’t enough and you have a bit of money to spend, consider making major home improvements. These aren’t simple DIY jobs. These are the jobs to leave to the professionals. Knocking down the walls for a combination kitchen/diner is a major investment. The extra space and light will make entertaining easier. Your home will become a more welcoming place. A loft conversion will give you an extra room. Turning a cupboard into a toilet is an excellent choice for large families. While the house is in disarray from major home improvements, the perfect opportunity to put in new flooring will present itself.

Smaller Projects

If your budget won’t stretch for a total upgrade, you can still have a refreshed home without the hassle and expense of moving. If your kitchen cabinets are in good shape but look dated, they can be refreshed with vinyl decals or paint. A new rug is a lot cheaper and easier than replacing all the flooring in a room. Hanging a mirror in front of a window to catch the sunlight is an option to increase light if glazed doors or new, bigger windows aren’t an option.


No home refresh is complete without a fresh lick of paint. The walls see a lot more wear and tear than you thought imaginable. If it is time for a repaint, try new colours. If the walls aren’t in great shape but the plaster isn’t crumbling, wallpaper will hide them. If you are stripping wallpaper to paint, be prepared to have the walls plastered.


Organising goes beyond plastic stacker boxes. With everything put away for renovations, it is the perfect time to install built-in shelving. Stacker boxes can be saved for storing paperwork and the winter clothes under a bed or in a built-in wardrobe. Shelving creates an atmosphere of calmness.