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How to grow an Instagram community organically?


Instagram is not just an app, it is the digital revolution

Let’s start with six common habits of Instagram community developers!

  • They take Instagram as a full-time job

  • They spend four hours daily on Instagram

  • They love talking to the people

  • They are dedicatedly consistent

  • They know full features of social media

  • They possess necessary technical knowledge

Most people confuse the Instagram community with having a large number of followers. Instagram community is characterized by the number of interactive followers and the hard work influencers do to develop and grow on Instagram. According to Forbes, Instagram influencers and brand ambassadors may take ten minutes to a few days to prepare and publish the right post.

You need consistent growth in the number of real and interactive Instagram followers, likes, comments and video views on your feed posts and stories. The persuasive power of your content, design and strategy takes you nearer to your goal, and if you buy Instagram Followers UK at the right time, your profile grows naturally.

The nitty-gritty to achieve organic Instagram growth

Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash
  1. Optimize your profile for faster Instagram growth

Optimization of your business or personal profile on Instagram is not a one-time activity. You need to improve both the appearance and performance of your profile time and again.

  • Create Instagram business profile and easy-to-locate username

  • Keep updating your Instagram bio periodically

  • Upload some flawless Instagram profile picture

  • Decorate your post feeds with exclusive designs

  • Rely on Instagram giveaways to engage audience

  • Conduct contests to promote your brand

  • Interact with your active followers socially

  • Use a combo of audio and video posts

  1. Hashtags guide your Instagram community members

Every month, around 50 percent of the Instagram users engage in Explore option. Widely accepted hashtags enhance discoverability of a brand on Instagram. To achieve organic growth of your Instagram account, geographically right hashtags help you reach maximum number of target audience.

  • Posts with hashtags attract 13 percent more engagement

  • A hashtag is an organizer of your content strategy

  • Hashtags can even feature a beginner’s post in the Explore page

  • Trending hashtags can get you viral overnight

  1. Giving captions to your Instagram posts is an art

Captions are the essence of your Instagram blogs. Your meaningful photographs, stories and videos serve the purpose of blogging. A caption is a punchline that best describes the substance of your photo and video blog on Instagram. A creative caption can attract a great deal of new Instagram followers, likes and comments; whereas, a weaker caption can ruin your efforts to go viral.

Consider a few important tips to give your blog posts great captions.

  • Rely on shorter captions

  • Use familiar and widely understandable words

  • Relevancy is the most required element of a good caption

  • Revise your caption many times before publishing

  • Raise your brand voice with appropriate @mention

  • Search some industry words to include in the caption

  • Sometimes, questioning captions attract more followers

  • Your caption must relate to your target audience

  1. Following your fans back results in longer association

Instagram community grows organically when you communicate with those who are interactive enough to make the difference. Try to follow back as a moral gesture and you will reap the fruit of this small move of yours. Following back is important for many reasons.

  • People feel privileged and respected

  • Following back brings you in communication process

  • Stronger community depends on following back

  • It compels others to browse through your profile

  • You can follow a maximum of 7500 Instagram accounts, so follow back with care

  1. IGTV is the backbone of organic growth on Instagram

Direct interaction is the pith of Instagram community. People use IGTV for publishing longer videos as Instagram feed allows very short videos. IGTV offers you better prospects to talk to your audience. Effective use of IGTV attracts organic traffic to your Instagram account. It requires you to do a few things to benefit from IGTV.

  • Plan your content for IGTV

  • Go online according to a categorical schedule

  • You can use IGTV on a separate app too

  • Long-span videos allow you more time to pitch your sale

  • Post 2 to 10 minutes lengthy videos depending upon the nature of your content

  • Incite the audience to view your IGTV video at least for three seconds to secure one view

  1. Socialize to attract random traffic to your Instagram

Give the Instagram users a reason to follow you and they will respond you in a responsible way. Make them feel that you take care of your acquaintances. Tell them that you like their existence on Instagram.

  • Respond all the direct messages (DMs) as early as possible

  • If someone likes your posts, you are supposed to like his or hers

  • Value the comments on your Instagram feed; like and reply

  • Ask interesting quizzes and try to engage the users

  • Launch surveys that people are interested in

  • Ask, reply, follow and build a two-sided social relationship

  1. Buy Instagram likes to add on the followers count

At some point in time, you need to buy Instagram likes UK to capitalize on your fan following. Organic traffic to your feed posts and Instagram stories makes the most of your identity as a brand. Take advantage of buying Instagram likes which further result in more followers, comments and views to develop an effective Instagram community.

  • Buy only real and interactive Instagram likes and followers

  • Track your followers to show participation

  • Stay alert of the bots and fake followers who can destroy your efforts

  • You may use some free tool for fetching a few interactive followers

World’s renowned Instagram community developers: brand ambassadors and influencers

The world of Instagram has seen numerous people who have appeared as the top influencers with millions of followers and likes at their Instagram accounts. They have not got success overnight, instead they still burn the midnight oil to stay at the top of explore page.

United Kingdom is the place of trending lifestyle and a safe haven for the Instagram marketers. Out of 30 million Instagram users of UK, 9 million falls in the age bracket of 25 to 35 years. Similarly, the potential of Instagram marketing is ruling in the US, Brazil and India for larger number of users and online buyers.

  1. Professional influencer marketers

These are the people who especially signup with a creator account and take Instagram marketing as a full-time career. They start from the scratch. In the beginning, people do not know them. They employ great efforts, spend longer chunks of time on Instagram, think creatively and produce stunning posts to lure their target audience in their specific niche. They even buy Instagram followers and likes to develop a large community on Instagram. They take help from their talent to magnetize a deeper pool of fans and followers. Kylie is the representative of professional influencers in beauty and cosmetics industry.

  1. Superstars and celebrities

The showbiz superstars, sports icons and the big names of society just need to create their Instagram accounts and their real-time fans start following them immediately. They charge very high from the popular brands to render their services as their ambassadors. The footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and showbiz celebrity Selena Gomez are the superstars of their relevant industries with millions of interactive Instagram followers.