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UncategorizedUsing Cryptocurrencies in Live Online Games: Pros and Cons

Using Cryptocurrencies in Live Online Games: Pros and Cons

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With the rising need for consumers to have secured payment options in the live gambling industry, cryptocurrency is becoming a viable option. Although many questions surround this currency, it’s becoming a trend. Operators such as Bet365 Magyar have already made adjustments to accept this form of payment.

Cryptocurrencies are used for games such as online poker, a form of gambling that our expert Boross Ors is familiar with.

This article will discuss the pros and cons of using cryptocurrency for live online gaming.

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What Are the Advantages of Using Cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies’ advantages seem endless. Some of these benefits are listed here:

  • The digital currency uses encryption software to secure trading processes.
  • This transaction option cuts out the middleman.
  • It offers safe asset transfers.
  • Transactions are strictly confidential.
  • Low fees on transactions.
  • It gives you sole ownership of crypto assets.
  • Blockchain technology is decentralized.

We will briefly discuss each advantage below.

Encryption Software to Secure Trading

Encryption takes plain text and rearranges it into a cypher. It’s thus protecting the confidentiality of information in the process.

Cutting out the Middleman

In this medium, consumers can negotiate directly with the supplier. This means no extra fees or commissions for a third party, allowing payments to take less time.

Safe Asset Transfers

Once the transfer is complete, the transaction’s irreversible. It’s also virtually impossible for hacking to occur on this platform.


Each transaction is unique and doesn’t require personal details. The only information made available to other parties is what you choose to disclose.

Low Transaction Fees

The fees of a transaction are based on the traffic. If you want the transfer to take priority, you’ll pay a higher price. A crypto agreement can cost as little as $0.25.


Each asset has a private key that only the owner knows, which makes you the benefit yours alone.


The widely dispersed blockchain systems prevent giving one person or a single group full control over it. Separating operations means that all users have collective power.

Advantages of Cryptocurrency in Live Online Gaming

Many online industries use cryptocurrency. According to the expert Boross Ors, view his profile, online casinos, in particular, have begun introducing this payment method. It’s instantaneous with secure buyer and seller negotiations. Some online institutions offer you bonuses for electing to use cryptocurrency as a payment option.

The transactions are also faster because no banks or third party operators are involved. You don’t need permission to withdraw, and the possibility of hacking is reduced because of unique private keys. You can easily convert the virtual casino credits to cryptocurrency the same way as you would cash.

Disadvantages of Cryptocurrency in Live Online Gaming

The platform is still in its infancy, and a lot of controversy surrounds it, especially regarding legal compliance. Some of the other drawbacks of cryptocurrency include:

  • Not all online gaming communities use it as a payment and withdrawal method.
  • Cryptocurrency is volatile.
  • Transferring significant amounts takes time because of the verification process.
  • Not all casinos allow withdrawals using specific cryptocurrencies.

Payment and Withdrawal

Cryptocurrency made a lot of progress to get itself established in the gaming industry, but not every provider uses it as a method of payment or withdrawal.


When the market moves into the negative, you can lose out.

Transferring Amounts

Small investments have an immediate transaction time. The process is delayed when you purchase larger amounts because it needs to be verified a few times.


Cryptocurrency is a new concept, and it’s gaining popularity. It’s slowly becoming the preferred choice for buying and selling products. The pros and cons of cryptocurrency highlighted in this article will help you decide whether it’s a suitable option for online gaming.

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