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5 Significant Features that SHOULD be present in an Enterprise Payroll Software

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Employing people to manage payroll is a comparatively expensive approach than doing it yourself. Briefly, an enterprise payroll software will handle your payroll needs by itself. 

Logically, it is a one-time investment that streamlines much money-related management process. 

However, a lack of knowledge and experience may lead you to choose software that is not a perfect fit for your organization.

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This is why you need to pay attention to the enterprise payroll software features while you are looking for one. 

They may not be the primary features but essentially different from the others as the best one. To ease you up, we have briefly explained the significant components present in an enterprise payroll software in this article. 

  • Direct Deposits

The days when handling checks to the employees are gone. Direct deposits are one important feature that ensures that the employees’ salary is transferred to their bank account from your company’s bank account directly. 

It is the commonly preferred method by all companies these days. Firstly, it is safer with no risk of losing money. 

Secondly, it is a cheaper method. Your employees get their salary sooner than the dragging process of submitting, reviewing a check, and reflecting the salary to the bank account. 

While choosing direct deposit, you have to keep into account the transaction fee. Most banks charge $1-2, and for setup, it charges from $40-$150 approximately. 

So, ask your payroll vendors if they could cover the cost in the purchase plan. 

  • Filing Taxes

It is a big deal to file the taxes correctly. This is why enterprise payroll software comes up with tax filing features. 

This functionality allows you to evaluate the taxes for local and federal states your business must pay and files the returns. 

Eventually, it also generates 1099 and W-2 forms for your employees. Enterprise payroll software like Square payroll is an expert in doing these processes. 

Perhaps, doing your taxes on your own will result in errors, and no one wants that for their business. 

  • Compliance Management

Every business is facing a tough time with compliance management as it is getting more complicated. 

Instead of fussing about it, let your enterprise payroll software takes up the job effectively. It instantly updates the compliance management features when there is any change in local or federal employment laws.

Sometimes, this compliance management is given as a physical copy, which is difficult to refer to and use. 

To beat this, you can enquire the payroll vendors about the software which contains the management features in-built, which automatically troubleshoots the errors.

  • Cloud compatibility

Every computer or laptop comes with a lifespan. No one knows when a system automatically shuts down and never opens at all. In that case, how will you retrieve your payroll files?

Rather than worrying after you lose it, you can choose an enterprise payroll software with cloud compatibility. Also, it secures all your sensitive data. 

Another significant benefit of this feature works best, especially for remote employees. They can download their invoices and payslips directly from their mobile phones. 

An enterprise payroll software can be self-service to document the employees’ details, resulting in no space for errors.

  • Time tracking 

Integrating an enterprise payroll software with a time tracking software, you can rapidly reflect the data to the payroll software, which calculates daily wages and overtime payments.

Additionally, this is the same with accounting software, which reflects the data in your general ledger. 

Therefore, ask your vendors for payroll software that seamlessly integrates with the accounting and time tracking software.


Be it a small or large business, choosing the right payroll system is tedious yet necessary. Before purchasing an enterprise payroll software, make sure it contains all the features mentioned above. 

Kindly share with us if we have missed out on any other features you think are essential in the comments.

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