Just Eat investigating after customer ate raw chicken from takeaway – and was then advised to consult his GP


JUST EAT are investigating after takeaway customer shared revolting images online of raw chicken he received which left him “sick as a dog”.

Lee Jackson from Stacksteads, Lancashire, was left ill after biting down on the uncooked chicken he purchased from Jo Jo’s Pizza Bar in Waterfoot, Lancashire on Saturday night.

Just Eat investigate after customer eats raw chicken from takeaway - Consumer News
Lee posted images of the raw frozen chicken onto his Twitter.

The 39-year-old was munching on the chicken in the dark while watching a film and failed to notice the state of the chicken until it was too late.

The images show two large pieces of fried chicken sitting inside the take away box.

The inside of one of the pieces is raw and bloodied and surrounded by uncooked pink flesh.

A horrified Lee then shared images of what he ended up eating onto Twitter the following day.

He captioned his post: “Got a takeaway last night, was halfway through before I noticed it’s raw. I’m ill as f*** today. It’s off @JustEatUK.”

Lee unfortunately had eaten a fair amount of the chicken before releasing what he was biting into.

Just Eat investigate after customer eats raw chicken from takeaway - Consumer News
The chicken is completely raw in the middle, according to Lee it was warm on the outside.

He added: “I was watching a film with the lights off, didn’t notice till I nearly chipped my tooth on the frozen middle.”

“I’m sick of being sick and sick of s*******!”

“I’m f****** sick as a dog can’t even keep water down. I’d wear a nappy if I could too.”

Following his complaint to Just Eat, Lee shared a screenshot of a message from the delivery service who said: “It’s a good call to get in touch with your GP, we really hope they’re able to advise.”

Social media users have been left equally sickened by the images.

@Nikkibarnard7 tweeted: “This is why I don’t do takeaway. Never know whether it’s cooked or what’s been done to it.

Just Eat investigate after customer eats raw chicken from takeaway - Consumer News
Twitter users found the pictures disgusting.

“Sorry you’re poorly today, hope you feel better soon.”

@BradYNWA6 commented: “Oh ffs that’s disgusting.”

@JohnKeogh1892 posted: “F*** sake, a good vet would probably have that up on its feet in no time.”

@Jimsey57 said: “Name and shame the place, shouldn’t be operating, we are in a bad enough situation with Covid, last thing you need is food poisoning.”

Speaking today, Lee said: “Saturday night I ordered a takeaway off the Just Eat app there was hardly anything doing deliveries at the time but I noticed a place called JoJo’s pizza was still open and delivering

“So I ordered a chocolate cake, some drinks, onion rings and two pieces of southern fried chicken. I was watching a series on Prime.

Just Eat investigate after customer eats raw chicken from takeaway - Consumer News
Pictured: Jo Jos pizza bar.

“When the food arrived I had the lights off so there was only the light of the tv in the room when the food arrived.

“I took it to my bedroom opened the southern chicken grabbed a piece started to eat it got near the middle and discovered it was cold so turned the light on and discovered it was raw inside

“I then phoned the takeaway up, I said they have given me raw chicken. All the guy said was that they were shutting and put the phone down.

“Since this was about 1:30am on Sunday morning I started to get ill in the morning and for the last two days I have had sickness and diarrhea.

“Thankfully, I’m slightly better today.”

A spokesperson for Just Eat today said: “We take food safety extremely seriously and actively work to raise standards across the takeaway sector.

“As such, we were concerned to hear about this and are investigating this with the restaurant partner involved.

“For us, it’s really important that our customers have a positive experience when ordering their food online and were sorry to hear that in this case, this customer’s experience did not reflect the high standard we would hope to deliver.

“We have been in contact with the customer to issue a full refund.”