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The Top Paid Players in the EPL in 2020


Written by Marie Zaé

EVERYONE knows that professional football players take home some of the world’s biggest paychecks, growing their individual net worth each and every year. Between annual earnings and a handful of sponsorship deals, these athletes are some of sport’s most wealthy. And when it comes to the iconic English Premier League, clubs are paying their UK-based players extremely high wages. Let’s take a look at 2020’s highest paid EPL players.

David de Gea  

Regarded as one of the world’s best goalkeepers, it makes sense that Spanish footballer, David de Gea pulls in the most earnings with a salary of £19,500,000 per season or a whopping £375,000 per week. The 30-year-old Manchester United player is responsible for saving the team on many occasions. Over the years he has been sponsored by some of the world’s biggest brands such as Adidas, Pepsi, and EA Sports.

Because of his influential performance, fans and even his fellow teammates hold him in extremely high regard. Pundits also see him as a huge asset and consider his contribution when providing expert advice and predictions for various face-offs  in the EPL. The skillful and articulate player is a huge reason why the English football organization’s fan engagement is what it is, and Gea is surely reaping the benefits in pounds sterling.

Football players are historically some of the best paid athletes in the world Picture: Deadline News


Kevin de Bruyne

Midfielder Kevin de Bruyne of Manchester United’s main rival, Manchester City, has been with the team for over 5 years. Since his involvement in 2015, he’s won the Premier League Player of the Season twice and Manchester City’s Player of the Year a whopping three times. Without de Bruyne it’s clear that Manchester City would suffer, so it’s only fitting that the club rewards one of their most vital assets with £350,000 per week.

Mesut Özil

German footballer Mesut Özil has played for various teams throughout his career, some of which include Real Madrid, Werder Bremen, Schalke 04, and, most recently English football club, Arsenal. Although the successful midfielder brings in impressive weekly earnings that amount to £350,000, Özil has not played one game since March.

In a unique situation, the Arsenal player has been put on hold by Arsenal as they hope to end his contract or trade him to another team sometime in the near future. However, right now Özil can enjoy a healthy salary from the sidelines without lifting a finger.

Raheem Sterling

Another player representing Manchester City under contract until at least 2023, English footballer Raheem Sterling earns an annual salary of £15 million and weekly paycheck of £300,000. However, it’s no surprise as the powerful forward has managed to score 20 goals in various Premier League appearances, proving his value to Manchester City. Although football stands are currently not filled by fans during live games, followers of City are still cheering on one of their most beloved players from the comfort of their homes.


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