Thursday, July 7, 2022
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Tattooist closed down by Covid turns her love of Chinese art into wallpaper

A TATTOOIST whose studio was closed by Covid-19 has taken her skills in a new direction – wallpaper design.

Nikole Lowe studied Chinese art for years and used that as the inspiration for a series of paintings.

The artworks have now been turned into bespoke wallcoverings which are on sale online.

The paintings were produced after Nikole’s studio was closed by Covid and have now been turned into wallcoverings for sale online owner Kat Truong, from Newcastle, approached London-based Lowe after becoming a fan of her Chinese-style artwork.

The partnership this week saw six of Nikole’s paintings turned into wallcoverings for sale on the website.

Each was painted freehand in Nikole’s home studio onto dyed Xuan paper, an authentic Chinese rice paper with gold flecks peppered throughout.

New Zealand-born Nikole, who was a star of the TV show London Ink, said: “I love the looseness and spontaneity of Chinese art.

“I studied it for six years with an amazing teacher, and she told me to just be in the moment, not to think too much and to just go with it.

“She inspired me to paint what I love and be influenced by the seasonal changes going on around me, both of which are captured in this collection.”

Kat said: “I am thrilled to unveil the Nikole Lowe collection.

“Pushing the artistic boundaries has been a priority and introducing a collection of authentic, hand-painted artwork with minimal digital input is a dream come true.

Nikole studied Chinese art for six years and has now turned that into a new business opportunity

“Nikole’s paintings are stunning and to be able to reproduce them as wall murals where every detail of the brushstroke is visible is amazing.”

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