Watch as police ambush driver of stolen Ford Fiesta following 80mph chase through busy streets


HEART-STOPPING footage shows an 80mph police chase between officers and a stolen Ford Fiesta.

The dramatic clip was taken by West Midlands Police’s dashcam as they raced through the streets of Birmingham to apprehend the driver.

The footage, taken on 8 August last year, was released on Tuesday after the driver was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment following the incident.

The terrifying clip begins with police hurtling at 87mph down he A38 in pursuit of the black Ford Fiesta.

The Fiesta takes a sharp left turn, forcing police to swerve hard to follow him down the road with their sirens blaring.

The reckless driver then performs a dangerous U-turn at a busy intersection and is swiftly followed by police.

WMP chase stolen car - Dashcam Clips
Multiple officers were seen pursuing the vehicle.

As the officers double back, the black Fiesta again takes evasive action and swings round almost colliding with the oncoming dashcam car.

The chase continues through residential streets, reaching speeds of 50mph as the Fiesta veers wildly across the road.

Eventually, the Fiesta turns into a side street at a junction and speeds onto the grass of a nearby home.

The driver is quickly pursued by police who mount the verge, blocking the driver’s exit.

Two men can be seen bailing out of the vehicle and exiting the scene on foot.

WMP chase stolen Ford
The driver veered dangerously across roards. (Image: WMP Traffic)

Footage taken from another police car shows them arriving seconds later as the motorist flees.

He is then pursued by an officer whose bodycam later shows the suspects apprehended on the ground.

The shocking video was shared by West Midlands Police Traffic, who posted the video as a warning to drivers with keyless cars.

They said: “Here’s footage from a recent conviction – this Fiesta had been stolen earlier in the evening and then used in other offences.

WMP chase stolen car - Dashcam clips
The driver was caught despite pulling a number of dangerous manoeuvres. (Image: WMP Traffic)

“The driver was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment after we rounded him and his passengers up. If you have a keyless entry car please consider extra security.”

Since sharing, social media users have praised the force’s efforts.

Callum Withnall wrote: “Epic driving skills West Midlands Police.”

Tracy Perry added: “Well done guys, my heart rate was going never mind yours, great work.”

Mike Powis said: “Well done guys! Just a shame the punishment is too soft.”

And Zia Khattak commented: “15 months of prison for such idiotic driving is not enough.”


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