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Best Travel Luggage Storage Units in Brighton

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You are planning your next travel trip and a question pops up in your mind. Who will take care of your belongings when you are thousands of miles away? How can you keep your valuable items secure even when you are not in the city or country? That is where travel luggage storage units come in handy.

They give your personal storage where you can temporarily store your valuable items and keep them safely stored. These services give you peace of mind so you can enjoy your travel trip to the fullest without worrying about your items getting lost or stolen. What’s even better is that these storage units Brighton give easy access to your items whenever you want so reclaiming them when you return from your trip is not a hassle either.

Some of them even have a temperature-controlled facility, which can come in handy if some of your items include perishable goods that require a specific temperature to survive.

In this article, you will learn about the seven best travel luggage storage units in Brighton.

  1. CitySpareSpace

Located 200 meters away from the Train station, this makes CitySpareSpace storage units one of the best options to store your travel luggage. You can easily reach the storage units in minutes from the train station. They will charge you £6 for every bag and an extra £4 if you are planning to store it overnight. You can book online through their website, which makes life even more convenient. Since they have storage units at two different locations at Brighton, you can easily find them. It is a great way to make your travel less painful as you no longer have to worry about the security of your valuable items because they are stored in a safe place.

Best travel luggae storages in Brighton - Collaborative Post
The best travel storage units in Brighton (C) Joshua coleman from Unsplash
  1. LEFTiT

What makes LEFTiT an excellent option for storing travel luggage is that it’s storage units are not only located near the train station but also near the bus station as well. This means whether you are traveling by bus or train you can store your luggage there and access it anytime you want. You no longer have to drag heavy luggage with you for miles anymore. Make sure you read their terms and conditions and privacy policy. Their storage units are also located in different locations and they also offer a luggage insurance facility as well.

  1. TRIPP

When you compare TRIPP pricing with others on this list, it might seem a lot more expensive but when you factor in the discounts they offer from time to time, TRIPP can become an option worth considering. TRIPP is one of the top suitcase and travel bag retailers in the UK and you can expect their luggage storage service to do well and it does not let you down. This also means that you can not only store your existing luggage but can also purchase bags of different types such as hard shell, soft shell, two wheels and four wheels.

  1. Baggage Factory

Most people know baggage factories for their suitcase collection just like TRIPP but they also offer travel luggage storage units. They use advanced shopping trolleys as well as electric scooters to move luggage from one place to another easily. The baggage factory is also offering 10% off for new customers so hurry up if you want to avail of that discount because it is a limited-time offer. You can also contact their customer service anytime if you have a problem and they will deliver a quick response.

  1. Big Yellow

Big Yellow needs no introduction when it comes to self-storage but what most people don’t know about big yellow is that they also offer travel storage units to facilitate travelers in storing their valuable items. They prioritize security which is why they have CCTV monitoring, PIN code, round-the-clock human presence on-site as well as fire and smoke detection in place to send alarm bells ringing if something goes wrong. With more than 100 stores spread all across UK, finding a Big Yellow storage facility won’t be a problem. All the storage units are purpose-built to deliver top quality service.

  1. Liners

Liners store is located just 300 meters away from the train station making it easily accessible for those who travel by train. Apart from personal and business customers, they also have a dedicated facility for the disabled, enabling them to use their services as well. Packing material and padlocks are also available as well as the trolleys, making it easy to pack and move luggage from one place to another. With a 24/7 intrusion and fire detection system in place, they will immediately send the alarm bells ringing as soon as something goes wrong. It even caters to domestic, commercial well as students.

  1. Storage Mart

Storage mart has facilities located in different parts of the city. One located at Hollingbury has loading trays and car parking spaces, which travelers can rent. Users can also rent office space as well as workshop space or store luggage for travel. It also gives you 24/7 access which means that you can access your travel luggage anytime you want. Their convenient location also makes it easy to reach its storage facility and their drive-in loading tray takes the hassle out of moving luggage from one place to another.


Irrespective of which travel luggage storage service you use, make sure they fulfill your needs in the best possible way. If you prioritize round-the-clock accessibility, then Storage Mart is a great choice but if you want a storage facility to be located near the train and bus station then, Liners and CitySpareSpace is a good option.

Each service provider has its strengths and weaknesses. Some are good at one thing while others are good at others. Start off by accessing your needs and choose a service provider that offers the features you want the most.

Do you use self storage outlet when you travel? If yes, why? Share it with us in the comments section below.

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