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Entertainment activities for Goa Holiday Lovers


Goa offers its visitors a wide range of entertainment activities thanks to its laid back vibe, a stretch of beautiful sandy beaches, and resorts. There is so much to do in Goa whether you are after adventurous fun or water sport activities. And what makes it more exciting is its nightlife. Goa has a lively night entertainment scene with endless bars, discotheques, and casinos, including the cruise casino in a large cruise ship that takes trips amid Panaji and Mormugao every night. Nature lovers also can enjoy wild outdoor parties out in the jungle and tour wildlife sanctuaries such as the Bhagwan Mahavir wildlife sanctuary. As you can see, there is everything for everyone in Goa, and you have various reasons to book a Bangalore to goa flight and enjoy the vibrant city. Take a look at entertainment activities to indulge in during your stay in Goa.

The Goa carnival

The Goa carnival is a cultural festival that takes place in February for three days and nights. It has been taking place from as early as the 18th century when the Goa state was under Portuguese rule. The festival features a lot of dancing, entertainment, food, music and attracts thousands of tourists every year.

Scuba diving

The types of entertainment on offer in Goa - Collaborative Post
Goa offers many forms of entertainment from partying to scuba diving (C) Haillie Heeg from Unsplash

Scuba diving is exciting for water lovers. There are unlimited places to go for scuba diving in Goa, one of them being Grande island that features clear waters and stunning marine life. Scuba diving offers you an experience of a lifetime where you get a spectacular underwater view interacting with many fish. All you need is the diving equipment and trained experts.

Kite surfing

Kite surfing offers an unparalleled thrill for water lovers who want to experience an adrenaline rush. It is a water sport like no other that lets you fly above the sea as the water guides you. One of the places that offer such an experience is the Montego Bay resort.


If you like fishing, Goa is not short of activities for you. You can enjoy unlimited opportunities for beach fishing, rock fishing, and very rewarding boat fishing. You can hire fishing equipment from different vendors at fishing points such as the Chapora River and Agonda beach at affordable rates.

A person fishing against a sunset
Photo by Jonathan Zerger on Unsplash

Bird watching

The Bhagwan Mahavir wildlife sanctuary is the best spot for nature lovers. There is plenty of birds, plants, and fauna to keep your eyes engaged during the whole time. It offers a wide species of birds, and you can imagine yourself in a paradise with all the beautifully crafted paths in the middle of a lush forest.

Attend a headphone party in Palolem

It is not easy to party without disturbing the neighbors, and no one understands that better than people in Palolem. They give everyone headphones, and the party begins without disturbing the neighbors. It is so much fun, especially for the youngsters, but it may seem silly if you are not a part of it.

Dance the night away

Baga is an exciting place to go clubbing in Goa and have the dance of your life. The clubs open until around 4 am and offers its revelers heady drinks, good music, and an exciting vibe.


Unfortunately, the conclusion is here, but you can enjoy many more entertainment activities in Goa whether you are a water lover, adventure lover, or nightlife person.