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Prosum Holdings: benefits of collaboration


Founded in 2014, Prosum Holdings is today an important IT partner of companies and public administrations that want to improve the productivity and quality of their products and services. Aware of the decisive contribution that Information Technology is capable to offer for the success of any company, the company directs its customers towards the right technologies and the most suitable application solutions to improve productivity and added value.

Relying on the expertise and experience of Prosum in the field of the most innovative technologies, its customers have reached levels of excellence by optimizing:

  • the efficiency of production and administrative processes;
  • document management and paper reduction;
  • the knowledge of the reality of the production and organizational reality of the company and therefore the decision-making speed;
  • integration between the various IT tools;
  • content for apps;
  • the quality of the IT solutions used
Prosum Holdings company is wanting to improve creativity with IT and software - Sponsored Post
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The offer and know-how of Prosum Holdings are in fact focused on “turn key” development projects, in consultancy and assistance aimed at both technicians and end users. The holistic vision of the system guides their methodological approach, conditions the study and design of the applications, making them stronger, full of their own identity.

The experience gained on complex projects has allowed this professional team to refine the study phases, allowing compliance with project times and costs. The design approach and software development are aimed at building solid and modular solutions. Prosum agency also offers Application Management services to support the application life cycle, even on legacy systems.

Prosum agency testing and support services

The technical skills, combined with the available technological infrastructure, enable the company to offer the customer a test service for its software. The various testing projects are conducted by teams of test managers and test engineers specialists coordinated by a supervisor who has among his tasks that of sizing each group with respect to the number of tests to be performed and their complexity. Each testing project is measured with ad hoc tools and with the delivery of data and reports that on a daily and periodic basis allow the customer to carry out a continuum check on the progress of the projects and on compliance with the level of service guaranteed by Prosum agency.

Through a usability test Prosumâ??s specialists can evaluate whether customerâ??s products and services fit people’s needs and expectations. Their tests, thanks to the use of eye tracking, render digital products easier, more satisfying and focused on business and communication results. In the case of particularly complex projects or that require a careful revision of the layout, the report can be accompanied by wireframes and graphic mock-ups that present proposals for restyling, in view of a partial redesign.

Prosum software support department guarantees high-quality service and effective software management: registration and timely resolution of incidents and problems, software configuration and version management, software customization in accordance with the wishes of customers. Flexible contract terms allow to create and implement an optimal IT service business model for the client. According to the individual requirements and capabilities of the client, he can choose the required level of software support and maintenance.