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Best Platforms to Trade Your Bitcoins


It is with no doubt that cryptocurrency trading takes it all when it comes to the digital financial market. Apart from providing quicker ways of transacting money, you can trade with cryptocurrency and earn cash. If you are looking for the best way to get extra money, you may have to invest in the crypto market. You can choose to buy and sell bitcoin directly or utilize bitcoin trade exchanges and proceed with trading your cryptocurrency. You have multiple secure and safe exchanges at your disposal, which will also come with comprehensive services. Choose a bitcoin exchange that you feel comfortable with if you want to make the most out of your cryptocurrency investment. The best thing you can do is going through various reviews before settling on any exchange. Here are some of the bitcoin exchanges that you might come across while on your bitcoin trading activities.


CoinBase is probably the largest and most reputable platform where you can do your bitcoin business. Founded in 2012, CoinBase has gained popularity in the cryptocurrency industry allowing traders to perform their transactions with convenience and efficiency. If you want to trade in a platform with luxurious features, you may have to settle for this. For instance, you can enjoy multiple withdrawal and deposit options.  You will also enjoy instant cash transfers when transacting between two CoinBase. Another thing that digital traders love about this platform is its security features. The multiple signature options ensure that all your activities on the platform are safe from intruders. The best of all is that there is insurance on your bitcoins in case of losses. CoinBase has lower transaction costs and allows you to trade Bitcoin and several Altcoin as well.

What traders should know about Bitcoin
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You can trade with one of the reputed and oldest exchanges CEX.IO. This platform acts as both cloud mining enabler and bitcoin exchange. You have to know that this platform later gained a strong mining power controlling the network mining capabilities. However, it has reduced its operations. CEX.IO will allow you to make more trades in your bitcoin activities. The best thing with this exchange is that you will get your bitcoins at your desired price and instantly. However, this platform might have higher charges. Although, you can enjoy compensation from multi-currency in your bitcoin transactions. You can use currencies like Euro, Ruble, and Dollar.


If you are looking to trade your bitcoins in an advanced platform, you may have to go with Bitfinex. However, this platform will work best for experienced traders. With the high bitcoin and ethereum liquidity, you can enjoy better options with this exchange. For example, you will not have to worry about leveraging, multiple order trading, and margin funding. Besides this, traders can enjoy customizable GUI, like limit, market, many order types, trailing stop, and many other features with Bitfinex. Do you want to trade in a platform with many currency pairs? You can enjoy 50 currency pairs all of them with simple withdrawals. When you consider trade volume, Bitfinex proves to be the largest exchange. The only advantage you will face with this exchange is that you cannot buy any altcoin or bitcoin via fiat transactions.


Founded in 2011, Bitstamp is an old exchange that allows you to conduct your bitcoin and cryptocurrency trades. One of the reasons that the Bitstamp platform has gained a reputation is that it does not have any security threats despite being in the industry for long. As for now, Bitstamp caters to four currencies: Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. Another important thing is that this exchange allows you to trade on either the website or using their app. You will also enjoy lovely customer support whenever you experience any challenges. Bitstamp has high-end security features with cold storage, meaning offline storage of the coins.

Final Thought

You can enjoy multiple financial benefits through cryptocurrency trading. All you need to do is researching and make reasonable conclusions before investing your bitcoins. You can use various types of crypto trading software and platforms for your trading activities. Make sure to choose the best platform according to your trading needs and budget.