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Do natural deodorants work right off the bat?


Deodorants help to prevent body odor. Having a natural deodorant helps one to maintain good health because it does not contain harmful chemicals. One of the most effective natural deodorant UK reviews shows that the use of natural ingredients in making deodorants ensures that they prevent body odor and that there are no side effects even after using it regularly.

Reasons why natural deodorant is important

Many people use conventional deodorants made with chemicals and parabens. They use them to stop the odor that results from bacteria living on the skin that feed on sweat. Some deodorants have chemicals that clog the sweat ducts. When the sweat ducts get clogged, the body can’t excrete through the sweat glands, and therefore no sweat or bacteria that cause odor are present on the skin. The chief ingredient in conventional deodorant is aluminum. But that is the wrong approach.

Sweating helps to regulate your body temperature. It also helps the body to get rid of toxins and waste. By clogging the sweat ducts, you pose a threat to your health. There are alternative and effective ways to prevent body odor. That is through the use of a natural deodorant. Natural deodorants contain safe and natural ingredients. If you are a health-conscious person, you should consider changing your deodorant to a natural one. It works just as well and will help in maintaining good health throughout your life.

Harmful ingredients in conventional antiperspirants and deodorants

The major ingredients in making most conventional antiperspirants are parabens, emollients, aluminum, and fragrances. Research shows that the above ingredients found in normal deodorants can lead to cancer. They also affect the behavioral patterns of individuals and can also lead to mental health problems. There are also claims that during the extraction or making process, the ingredients cause pollution. Studies show that parabens found in antiperspirants can be absorbed in the body. That can cause an increase in estrogen. An increase in estrogen can lead to various reproductive health complications. Most health-conscious people are changing their lifestyle to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle. Switching from conventional deodorants to a natural one is one way to improve their lifestyle and health in the long run.

Does a natural deodorant work effectively?

One of the most frequently asked questions by people who want to switch to a natural deodorant is whether the deodorant is effective in preventing body odor or not. One must choose an effective natural deodorant so that it can control body odor. The following factors should be considered when choosing a natural deodorant.

Woman applying deoderant
Person applying deoderant. Picture from the Creative Exchange from Unsplash


  1. Choose between a deodorant and the antiperspirant

Before you choose a natural deodorant, ensure that you research to know what works for you. You may then opt for a deodorant that only stops odor but does not prevent sweating or an antiperspirant that prevents odor and prevents sweat. Opting for a natural antiperspirant helps you to stay dry. But health experts recommend deodorants as sweating is a natural body process that has many benefits. But natural antiperspirants contain baking soda, cornstarch, or arrowroot powder that will help absorb sweat fast and ensure that you remain dry. Check the various forms of natural deodorants too. Some come in powder form, stick form, or even liquid form. You should choose the one that is most convenient to use.

  1. Deodorant Ingredients

Some people suffer irritation even from natural ingredients in deodorants. The underarm skin is sensitive. One should try the deodorants on a small skin patch to ensure they do not cause skin irritation. Baking soda can be very irritating to people who suffer breakouts and acne. Deodorants that contain kaolin clay or magnesium are mild and do not irritate the skin. Check out for staining as well. Some deodorants can stain your clothes.

  1. Scent

Most natural deodorants are scentless. But if you like scented deodorants, it is good to try out different scents to see what works best with your body chemistry. Most natural deodorants use essential oils such as eucalyptus, lavender, or tea tree oil. The most common scents include;

  • Amber
    • Lavender citrus
    • Bergamot
    • Frankincense peach

Natural deodorants are effective in controlling body odor and work instantly. But one must make the right choice and follow the procedure when switching to a natural deodorant.

Switching to a natural deodorant

For those with sensitive skin and have been using conventional deodorants, and want to switch to a natural deodorant, they should follow the procedure below. That way, the body adjusts to natural deodorants fast. It also ensures that the deodorant is effective in preventing odor. Steps to be followed when switching to a natural deodorant;

  • Underarms exfoliation

Underarm exfoliation should be a personal hygiene care routine. But one should effectively exfoliate underarms before switching to a natural deodorant. It helps to get rid of previous deodorant build-up and dead skin. It is also a good idea to remove the hair under your armpits as it traps bacteria responsible for body odor.


  • Application

Before you use the deodorant, it is good to read instructions. Avoid applying the deodorant if you suffer broken skin after shaving your armpits. It is also good to follow instructions on how to use the deodorant.

  • Watch out for irritation or skin reaction

Different people react differently to various products. But in case of reactions such as a skin rash or burning, one should stop using the product immediately.

  • Body change takes time

The body takes time to adjust to changes when one has been using conventional deodorants. So, if you notice that you sweat more or have increased body odor, it’s still okay. Sometimes, it may take some time to feel the actual effects of a natural deodorant.

Natural deodorants work best in controlling body odor. They also have no side effects. That is why health experts recommend the use of natural deodorants. Some of the most effective natural deodorants include; Schmidt’s, AKT, and Malin+Goetz’. With a little research, you can identify an effective natural deodorant suitable for you.