Brits warned against attempting “terrible” DIY home dentistry in lockdown


OVER half of British adults are said to feel like they have neglected their teeth during lockdown with some attempting DIY dentistry according to new research

Oral health has been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic according to new research.

The new findings have caused concern amongst leading dental figures who have pleaded with the public not to attempt DIY dentistry and to stay on top of their oral hygiene.

Photo by Rudi Fargo on Unsplash - Health News UK
(Photo by Rudi Fargo on Unsplash) The research forms part of a wider joint campaign by the Oral Health Foundation and Colgate-Palmolive entitled The Truth About Tooth Decay.

Around one-in-six  admit to not brushing their teeth as much as before the pandemic while almost one-in-five say they haven’t been brushing their teeth twice a day.

The research also shows that almost one-in-five have not seen a dentist for over two years, not just because of lockdown.

Meanwhile, more than one-in-three are said to have reported toothache during COVID-19, with nearly one-in-ten experiencing the pain for longer than two weeks.

To remedy this, a concerning number of people are going online to find solutions to fix their own dental problems.

The findings claim to show almost one-in-four  have been online to fix oral health problems at home.

Chief Executive of the Oral Health Foundation, Nigel Carter OBE said:“DIY home dentistry is a terrible idea and should be avoided at all costs

“Home treatments in untrained hands often comprise of shortcuts that come with added dangers and can lead to permanent damage to your health.

“If you are experiencing any problems with your mouth, like toothache, the best thing you can do is book an appointment with your dentist.

“Your dental team can spot diseases like tooth decay in the early stages and treat it before it gets worse, when you might need a filling or have the tooth taken out.

An investigation by the Oral Health Foundation and Colgate shows that over half  of British adults feel they have neglected their teeth during lockdown.

New data shows more than 30 million adults in the UK have one or more fillings – an indicator of the prevalence of tooth decay in the UK.

Analysis of the data suggests that as much as 84% of the population could be at increased risk of tooth decay.

Dr Carter added:“Good oral health is completely in your own hands. All it takes is the correct care.

“By adopting a few simple habits, you can prevent oral diseases like tooth decay, that sadly remain far too common.

“Knowing that less people are brushing twice a day is disastrous for oral health, as along with consuming less sugar, it is one of the best ways to prevent tooth decay.”