Covidiots fined £1000 after breaking lockdown to drive to beauty spot with bumper “held on with wrapping tape”

Covidiots fined for breaking lockdown - coronavirus news
Officers commented that it was a very expensive day out.

THREE “COVIDIOTS” have been fined £1000 after driving for an hour with a “bumper held on with wrapping tape” for a day out.

The trio drew officers’ attention after they drove “at considerable speed” from Manchester to Macclesfield forest with no front headlight and “shredded” tyres.

Cheshire Police’s Rural Crime team issued the fines on Sunday, after they also found cannabis on two of the motorists and discovered all the occupants were from different households.

The force shared a snap of the group’s vehicle at the side of the road on Facebook the next day.

It shows the dilapidated grey Seat held together with reams of brown wrapping tape.

Map of covidiots route
The popular beauty spot is an hour away from where the group.

The front right headlight has shattered, while the bonnet nearby is dented and warped.

Just underneath, the car’s “bulging” tyres are visible along with several scratches.

Writing about the incident, PC Tether from Cheshire Police’s Rural Crime team said: “We eventually managed to stop the vehicle.

“To our surprise it contained three occupants all of which had travelled from the Manchester area and were not from the same household.

“On inspection of the vehicle, we confirmed front-end damage to the light and bumper held together with wrapping tape. In addition we further identified a bald tyre, bulge in the tyre wall and damage to the tyre wall (shredded).

“We also noticed a strong smell of cannabis coming from the vehicle.

Covidiots break lockdown - Coronavirus News
The driver was caught on the edge of Macclesfiled Forest.

“A search of the person(s) and vehicle resulted in locating cannabis on two of the individuals.  Drug test completed on the driver, negative result.”

They added the car was seized until appropriate repairs can be carried out, while a total of five Fixed Penalty notices were issued.

Police listed the punishments as: “One, Traffic Offence report (Fine) for vehicle defects, one cannabis caution issued  (First time offence).

Penalty Notice for Disorder (Fine) issued to the driver in relation to cannabis being found with the vehicle.

“3x COVID-19 Fixed Penalty notice (Fine) issued to all three occupants of the vehicle.”
All in all, the group’s day trip will now cost them £1000.

Police have been praised online for apprehending the rule-flouters.

John Skelton said: “Brilliant stop! Well done guys. These are people that need stopping for breaking lockdown and not the innocent members of the public which seems to be the trend at the moment.”

Steve Orme added: “Good work, don’t want cars like this on the road, complete neglect from the owner.”

And Helen Griffith wrote: “Well done, so many think rules don’t apply to them.”