House for sale: 3 bedrooms, one bathroom – and body of previous owner in garden

house for sale with body in garden - Property News
The unassuming terraced house has an unusual ‘selling point’ (Image: Zoopla)

A THREE bedroom home has gone up for sale boasting an extremely unusual garden feature – the body of its previous owner.

The end terraced property in Middleton near Leeds, West Yorkshire is being sold at a snip for £125,000, provided the new occupant is okay sharing their outdoor space.

As part of his dying wishes, the former owner has been buried in the garden of the dwelling where he lived his entire life.

Photos on property website Zoopla from sellers’ Manning Stainton show the spacious family home, complete with a large, kitchen, bathroom and an airy sitting room.

Property for sale with body in garden
The former owner’s final wish was that his resting place be his back garden. (Image: Zoopla)

The house also comes with its own driveway and several “eco-friendly” mod cons, including solar panels, double glazing and a wood burning stove.

To the rear of the house is a grassy garden, containing a bird bath, outhouse buildings – and the former occupant’s remains.

However, anyone looking to do any landscaping might need to contact Leeds City Council, who rent out part of the garden.

While removing the remains would also require an exhumation license granted by the Ministry of Justice.

A description of the property informs potential buyers: “Please be aware this property is being sold by family members as part of a relatives estate.

Property with body in garden - Property News
The house is on the market for significantly less than others in the area. (Image:Zoopla)

“It was the deceased’s wishes to be buried in the garden as he was born and died in the house.

“This wish has been carried out and the property will be sold as is.”

According to data from Zoopla, the average price for a 3-bedroom in Leeds is £227,274, so the potential buyer could scoop up a bargain.

However, the listing has understandably spooked some people since it was shared on Twitter yesterday.

Many social media users seem put off by the unusual clause of sale.

Property for sale body in garden
The three bed needs a bit of a refresh but has lots of potential. (Image: Zoopla)

@mit4d wrote: “F****** hell that is mental.”

@GMet22 added: “What on earth.”

@merlin2709 joked: “All in all, I’d be more inclined to grow roses than potatoes.”

Not everyone was as disturbed however.

@jamcowlan said: “This is weird, but also people have died in every house at some point.”

Potential buyers may also feel the same, in the last 30 days the property has had more than 63,000 views on Zoopla’s website.