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5 Solutions to Fix Memory Card Not Recognized on Windows


SD card is a removable storage device that can be inserted in laptops, smartphones, etc. But the problem is when your SD card is not recognized by your system? In this regard, accessing the information present on it becomes a challenge. It is the usual situation that many people come across. Don’t worry, as this solution guide will give reasons why your system is not recognizing the SD card and how to solve it. Apart from that, a recovery tool is explained that you can use if nothing works out.

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Why the SD card is not recognized on Windows 7/ 8/ 10?

Various reasons are there because of which your card may not get detected, and they are:

  1. Dirty or dusty SD card

If your SD card is dusty or dirty, it will not get recognized by Windows 7/ 8/ 9. Take out the SD card, and remove the dirt with a clean cloth slightly moistened with alcohol. Let it dry and reconnect to check if the SD card is being recognized by your device.

  1. Locked SD card

A little trigger thing is present on one side of the SD card, and pressing on it can lock the SD card. This is why the SD card is not showing up as it is write-protected. For that, you must remove the unlock button so that you can use it.

  1. Partition loss

If the SD card’s partition gets deleted, you cannot access it. In this case, your SD card will leave full of unallocated space.

  1. Connection issue

The connection issue can be one of the reasons your SD card cannot be detected. It can be due to a damaged USB port, adaptor, or a card reader. Here the problem is in the connection point and not in the card.

  1. Corrupted driver

If you see a yellow mark on the SD card is ON in the Device Manager but not showing up in the system; the reason is the corrupted driver. Unless you get the drivers corrected, you cannot access the SD card.

  1. Incorrect formatting

While formatting your SD card on the phone, due to a wrong step, the operation failed and the file system got damaged. If this is the situation, your system will not read the SD card.

How can we fix the SD card or memory card not detected on Windows 7/ 8/ 10?

Now that you have known the problems that can lead to an SD card not recognized by your device, check out the solutions.

  1. Look for another USB port.

It is natural to think that the problem is within the SD card. But it can be with the USB port as well. That’s why; take out the SD card from the port and insert it in a different one. If it works, then there is a problem with the USB port and not the SD card.

  1. Insert the card in a different system

In case all the USB ports are not working, insert the SD card in a different system and see if it’s working. If you cannot, you can look for a different card reader.

  1. Switch off the write protection

Never can you access the SD card if the write protection is activated. If the switch is present, you can disable it. But if it is not there, check out the below process.

  • Go to Device management and click on R + Windows Key, following which the Windows button will open.
  • In the box, type “devmgmt.msc” and click on the OK button. Search for “Disk Drivers” and find your SD card.
  • Go ahead, right-click on it and select the “Properties” button.
  • Below “Policy Tab” and “General Tab”, you will find an option of writing policy. Select that to switch it off, and go ahead.
  1. Format SD card

The next process to go ahead with it is formatting the SD card. The steps to recover are: click on D + Windows button. It will open Desktop View, where you have to click E + Windows. A message saying “Devices with removable storage” will appear on the screen. You must right-click on that and choose the “Format” option.

  1. Recoverit

In case any of the above options do not help you, the next process is to recover the files present in the SD card. Look for a suitable tool that can safely recover the file without deleting and making any changes. A versatile data recovery software, Recoverit will help to solve the micro SD card not recognized issue. Check out the next section.

How to recover and repair data from a corrupted SD Card using Recoverit?

Recoverit is the tool that will help recover all the information, like photos, audio files, videos, documents, etc. With such an excellent tool, you can recover any fragmented video and repair a damaged file. The steps to use Recoverit are:

  • Select a location

First of all, specify the location from where you wish to start recovering the corrupted files.

  • Scan the location

Scan the location and select the files that you want to recover. Check all of it as if you do not select the files, you cannot recover. After that, wait for the process to start and complete. As soon as it gets over, a tab will appear where the “Got It” option is present. Click on that, and you are done.

  • Click on preview

Once it gets over, select the preview button to check if all the files that you wanted to recover are there or not.

Recommend Recoverit!

Recoverit is a versatile platform that can easily retract all the data. Additionally, video files are different from others, and in case there is no problem with it, a suitable platform will help in editing. The recovery process is simple, and after following the above three steps, you can get all your files within some time. The solution becomes quite helpful when there are some crucial documents that you need. Well, if you come across any such issues, go ahead and use Recoverit. Once you use the platform, you will be satisfied with the perks it has.