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UncategorizedArgos urgently investigating after waffle maker "explodes in customer's face"

Argos urgently investigating after waffle maker “explodes in customer’s face”

Argos exploded waffle maker - Consumer News Scotland
Jennifer is not sure what caused the device to “explode”. (Image: Jennifer Downs)

ARGOS is “urgently” investigating after a waffle maker “exploded in a customer’s face” while she was using it.

Jennifer Downs, from Livingston, West Lothian, suffered a panic attack following the incident on Friday, which sent a shard of the £27.99 appliance flying towards her eye.

The 35-year-old said she “could have been blinded” and was left in agony after the shock aggravated her fibromyalgia, a chronic pain condition.

She posted images on Facebook showing the broken device in a warning to other users.

The photos show how the safety clasp on the American Originals Flip Over Waffle Maker appears to have blown off after the product “rose a foot in the air” during the “blast”.

Argos exploded waffle iron
The handle shattered during the incident. (Image: Jennifer Downs)

The interior of the device is missing chunks from where the handle “burst open” mid cook.

A shot of the outside of the item reveals how it has also been left with jagged edges from the shattered clasp.

A shaken Jennifer took to Facebook shortly after to warn others.

She wrote: “Do not buy this waffle maker from Argos! Although it has great reviews (4.6/5) it is extremely dangerous.

“The first two batches made lovely waffles cooked perfectly, but the third batch I put in, the whole machine exploded in my face, bursting open and things flying everywhere.

“I am extremely lucky, as the latch that holds it shut broke off with such force that if I had been slightly to the side of where I was the chances are it would have impaled my eye and blinded me.

Exploded waffle maker Argos
Jennifer’s kids missed out on their treat after the “explosion” left the machine unusable. (Image: Jennifer Downs)

“Sounds like a bit of an overreaction right? I can assure you it’s not.

“Not only have the kids missed out on fun, they have seen the trauma of their mum having a severe panic attack as I was so scared.

“It took me over half an hour to be able to speak or breathe properly.

“Argos customer services are aware of the situation and will be looking into this further for us.

“I hate to think if one of the kids had been standing nearby what could have happened.”

Jennifer was left dealing with the impact of the “explosion” long after her shock subsided.

She explained: “I have fibromyalgia, and due to jumping out the way, I jerked my whole body and between that and the stress of it all, I’ve been left in agony.

Exploded waffle iron Argos
Jennifer says the shock left her in severe pain and forced her to have the worst panic attack of her life. (Image: Jennifer Downs)

“Argos don’t care at all. I’m not even confident it’s going to be looked into appropriately.

“The whole machine lifted in the air about a foot bursting open and bits of plastic went flying. If I had been a few inches over, my eye would have been impaled.

“Needless to say I was very shaken up and ended up having the worst panic attack I’ve ever had and I hate that the kids witnessed all that.”

Social media users have been equally shocked by Jennifer’s experience.

Zoe Halkett wrote: “Jesus, are you okay?”

Jillian Millar added: “What a fright you must have got.”

And Kimberley Fisher said: “Thank goodness you’re okay. I’d be contacting them about it, that could have been one of the kids hurt.”

A spokeswoman for Argos yesterday said: “”We are in touch with Jennifer and have apologised for her experience and provided a gesture of goodwill.

“We are urgently investigating with our supplier.”

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