Thursday, June 30, 2022
NewsHeartwarming clip shows "mother pigeon" sneak into Tesco to nest on top...

Heartwarming clip shows “mother pigeon” sneak into Tesco to nest on top of chocolate eggs

ADORABLE video shows how a “mother pigeon” sneaked into a Tesco store to guard a box of Cadbury chocolate eggs.

The protective bird is apparently a “regular” at the branch in Enfield, North London where she was spotted nesting on top of the snacks.

Shopper Kim Blackman, 35, filmed the unusual scene last Thursday after popping into the store.

The video shows the white female pigeon tucked away on the bottom shelf of a confectionery display.

pigeon nesting in Tesco - Viral Video News
The snowy white bird is apparently a “local”. (Image: Kim Blackman)

Under her feet is a box of Cadbury caramel eggs, which she carefully guards with her feathers puffed out.

The bird remains unfazed as Kim bends down to get a closer look, zooming in to show her talons embedded in the tray of chocolate treats.

A tickled Kim took to TikTok to share her clip last week with the caption: “Female pigeon sneaks into Tesco to protect the chocolate eggs.”

The heartwarming video has since been viewed more than 187,000 times, where it has melted the internet’s heart.

Pigeon nesting on chocolate eggs
Viewers thought the pigeon was trying to protect the eggs. (Image: Kim Blackman)

One viewer wrote: “Okay, this is actually the sweetest thing ever. She’s protecting the chocolate eggs.”

Another added: “Is she laying Cadbury’s?”

One person replied: “Not me bawling my eyes out over a pigeon who thinks chocolate eggs are her babies.”

And another said: “Aww she is so cute, I wish you could keep her.”

Speaking today, business owner Kim explained: “The security said the pigeons are locals. The security guard keeps an eye on them.

“I’ve been there a couple of times and they tend to fly in and stay near the door.

“When I saw it I went back to my car to get my phone and thought, ‘wow the irony’.

“I’m surprised it’s had such an impact, but all the TikTokers comments have been funny”.

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